Princess Charlotte’s Cheeky Behavior Has Reportedly Earned Her a New Nickname

The royal rascal’s classmates have given her a feisty nickname thanks to her adventurous spirit.

AARON CHOWN/Getty Images

Move over Xena, there’s a new “Warrior Princess” in town, and she goes by the name of Princess Charlotte.

At least, that’s what has been reported by The Sun from some sources who say that the little royal is possibly even more of a rascal than her older brother, Prince George.

Just last week, Princess Charlotte arrived for her first day at Thomas’s Battersea school, where her big brother also attends. But before joining the big leagues, the princess attended nursery school, where she earned a pretty “feisty” nickname for herself: Warrior Princess. Katie Nicholl, a royal expert, told Entertainment Tonight that Princess Charlotte’s adventurous spirit is what inspired the other kids to give her the moniker. “Apparently she earned that nickname because obviously she is a princess but she is quite a tomboy,” Nicholl said. “She loves climbing trees and she’s very much an adventurer.” Whether or not her fellow four-year-olds are aware of the existence of the Lucy Lawless-starring action-adventure series Xena: Warrior Princess, however, remains to be unseen.

Though, the nickname should come as no surprise to anyone who’s followed the hijinks of the middle royal child closely before. Earlier this summer, the cameras caught her sticking her tongue out at the crowd during her parents’ sailing race. Long before that, the Queen apparently let it slip that Princess Charlotte bosses around Prince George, and earlier last year, just before the Christening of her baby brother Prince Louis, she stared down reporters and told them, “You’re not coming.” The four-year-old even flipped her hair while walking into school for her first day last week, possibly in an attempt to let her hair down out of a restricting pony tail, and added a personalized unicorn keychain to her backpack to stand out from the rest of her classmates in school.

A younger sibling with fewer royal responsibilities than their older sibling, and a mischievous spirit? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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