Leave it to Rihanna to take a piece from Balenciaga's 80's inspired avant-garde spring collection and style it so it looks perfect for a sizzling summer block party in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood. She pulls off the feat in the video for DJ Khaled's "Wild Thoughts". While she shares featured status with singer Bryson Tiller, make no mistake that it's Rihanna who owns both the song and the video.

The singer is certainly in a lighter mood than the last time she visited Miami in a music video (that would be the Harmony Korine-directed "Needed Me" clip, where she plays strip club assassin). The humidity has clearly gotten to her, and she's got steamy thought on the brain and a wardrobe to match.

She pairs those Balenciaga Brazilian-cut pants and shoes with a green vintage Versace belt (because its Miami, it's basically law you have to have one piece of vintage Versace on you at all times), and, as per keen-eyed Rihanna fan Instagram account @HausOfRihanna, some Karen Walker sunglasses, a vintage Betsy Johnson top, and epic door knocker earrings from statement jewelry designer Lynn Ban.

Later in the video she appears in a turquoise Alberta Ferretti dress with Manolo Blahnik gladiator sandals, and, for her third look, a baggy yellow look from Matthew Adams Dolan, a recent favorite of both Rihanna's and ours.

As for the song, well, yes, that guitar part is a sample from Santana's 1999 summer jam "Maria, Maria."

It's also a realization of a dream for Khaled. He recently told Entertainment Weekly that he's been trying to collaborate with Rihanna for years. "Seven, eight years I've been trying to do this. I always put the kites out there that I wanted to work with her," he said. "But at the same time, while I was putting the kites out there, I was always getting the right record ready. You've gotta start with the right energy to see if something comes back that’s possible."

Not that his upcoming album Grateful is hurting for guest star power. He's also got Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Calvin Harris and Alicia Keys on other cuts on the collection. Will any of them look as good as Rihanna in the video though? Probably not.

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