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Rihanna's Fenty Beauty is one of the most anticipated makeup launches of the year. It's also been one of the most mysterious. Rihanna first announced that the line would debut on September 8th in early August, and aside from suggesting that she's already been wearing products from the line, she hasn't given anyone much info about what to expect.

Well, just before we all head out for our Labor Day holidays, Rihanna has finally released a preview that reveals everything from packaging to shade names.

The commercial preview posted on Instagram is set to ballroom beats so hard we half expected someone to do a death drop. A diverse group of models (suggesting that the line is for all complections) including Halima Aden, Slick Woods and Duckie Thot rock notably glossed lips and, yes, Rihanna herself makes an appearance.

The only product actually shown in package firm is a lip gloss (Kylie, watch your crown), and the commercial is decidedly all about lips.

In another video, model Camila Costa runs through the shade names, though the music is mixed up a little too high to figure out exactly what's she's saying. It's definitely nine different shades she's naming. If we're guessing correctly those names include "Freestyle," Something or Somebody "...Have More Fun," and "Kilowatt."

Sephora, meanwhile, featured another Instagram of Slick Woods listing off other shade names, and we can hear them a bit better. These include "Chili Mango," "Chic Freak" (or is it "Cheek Freak?"), "Hustler, Baby" "Trophy Wife," "Tripping," "Yacht Life," "Fire Crystal" and "Confetti."

Another video from Harvey Nichols adds what sounds like "Mental Moon," "Cinnamon" and "Starstruck."

[#Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYgjQoRnSwJ/?taken-by=harveynichols]

All in all, half of these sounds sort of standard, while others are the sort of shade names that only Rihanna could come up with.

As mentioned above, the line goes on sale at Sephora, Harvey Nichols and FentyBeauty.com. Though, costumers can head into Sephora now to catch an even longer preview of the campaign and collection.

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