Robert Kardashian Addresses His Relationship Status With Blac Chyna

He wanted to set the record straight.

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It’s been three years since Robert Kardashian and Blac Chyna went public with their romance, which resulted in their adorable, two-year-old daughter Dream Kardashian. Since that time, though, their relationship has taken many turns, including their separation and a lingering legal battle. These days, however, Kardashian and Chyna and working towards coparenting, as the sole male Kardashian revealed in a rare public statement.

After news broke that the pair settled a child support dispute, Kardashian hopped on Twitter to clarify some things. For one, he shared that the result of the couple’s new child support decision was reached amicably. “Angela, the mother of my child whom I have a wonderful relationship with, decided to drop the child support case because she felt it was in the best interest of our daughter,” he tweeted.

Kardashian also took the opportunity to dispel a rumor about Chyna, tweeting, “Reports of her wanting to have drinks was totally false and her being late was in reference to a prior meeting concerning our daughter… Please stop creating all these falsehoods concerning Angela and I.”

While Kardashian didn’t disclose the details of his new arrangement with Chyna, a source close to the pair shared that “They agreed to split custody 50/50 but it’s true that Rob will have Dream more of the time.” According to the source, who spoke with E! News, “Rob no longer has to pay Chyna $20k a month” and they will “each pay for whatever Dream needs when either one of them has her for custodial time and any other expenses (school, medical) will be split evenly.”

Even though rumors about a possible feud between the parents have piled up, they’ve insisted before that they were working through their issues. Last month, Kardashian said as much on Twitter, writing, “Angela and I are both actively co-parenting and there are no pending or active custody cases,” to which she replied with, “Robert and I only concern is what’s in the best interest of our daughter that we both equally love. Additionally, Robert is a wonderful father to our Dreamy!”

In either case, Kardashian’s public statements might not be as rare come the next season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as his sister, Kim, recently told Andy Cohen, “I think he is going to be a little bit more in the next season.” “He has his moods,” he added, “Sometimes he’s like, ‘Look, I didn’t sign up for this,’ and then sometimes he’s like, ‘I’m cool to do it.’”