An Exhaustive Update on the Status of All of the Kardashians’ Many, Many Feuds

From Lindsay Lohan to Blac Chyna to Taylor Swift.

Courtesy of Watch What Happens Live

“It’s like new year, drama-free. That’s our motto this year,” Kim Kardashian said on Monday night while on Watch What Happens Live with her sisters Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian. (“Let go and let’s just be in love,” Khloé echoed.) Those will soon be famous last words, no doubt, but for the time being, the family is at least finally laying some of their past feuds to rest. Read on for a recap of all the drama that you’ll finally get a reprieve from in the new year—and the drama that, whether you like it or not, you probably won’t.

Taylor Swift

“Over it,” Kim said of the drama that ensued after her husband, Kanye West, released his song “Famous”—and, more importantly, his lyric “I made that bitch famous,” which he unabashedly directed right at Swift, who disputed that West had reached out to her for approval beforehand. (In retaliation, Kim posted a series of videos with evidence suggesting otherwise on her Snapchat.) According to Kim, though, the pair hasn’t had any communication since. It sounds like this one, at least, has finally blown over: “I feel like we’ve all moved on,” Kim concluded, adding that if she had to get stuck in an elevator with someone, she’d choose Swift over Drake. (Who, by the way, her husband still has plenty of beef with.)

Blac Chyna

It was their brother, Rob Kardashian, who made the biggest mess out of his split with Blac Chyna, stooping low enough to accuse her of infidelity in the captions of a series of nude photos of her that he posted without her permission. Whereas even Twitter and Instagram condemned his moves, swiftly deactivating his accounts, the Kardashians have stayed resolutely team Rob. (Not exactly surprising, given that they’ve recently finally adopted his and Chyna’s two-year-old, Dream Kardashian, into their family, after more than a year of barely acknowledging her.) Now, they’ve moved on to barely acknowledging Dream’s mother, whom Kim summed up simply as “still in a lawsuit,” referring to Chyna’s move to take the entire family to court last year. It’s since been thrown out of court, not that Kim seems to have noticed: “We honestly don’t know, and we don’t care,” she said of the suit’s current status, with Khloé echoing, “We can’t keep up with it all.” (Chyna and Rob’s custody battle over Dream, on the other hand, remains ongoing.)

On the other hand, it’s no wonder they have hard feelings: Aside from getting drawn into the matter themselves, they’ve also had to witness their brother deal with the recent tragedy of losing full control of his sock company.)

Amber Rose

Here’s another one we can put in the past—at least from the Kardashians’ viewpoint. Whereas Kim insisted that she doesn’t “even think there was beef” with Amber Rose, whom Kanye West dated from 2008 to 2010. Khloé, on the other hand, owned up to partaking in some of the drama: “Well, me and her got into a Twitter fight. But it’s totally squashed,” she added, referring to their dispute following Rose’s comments about Kylie Jenner’s then boyfriend Tyga, who she said should be “ashamed” of himself for leaving “a beautiful woman and baby … for a 16-year-old who just turned 17.” (No word yet on whether or not Rose has forgiven Khloé for bringing up that she was a stripper when she was 15 to make her point that Rose should stay out of her family’s business.)

Tristan Thompson

While he’s proven even more controversial, Tristan Thompson has maintained his ties to the family, much to Kim’s displeasure just a mere two months ago. These days, however, she seems flummoxed as to why she was ever upset with Thompson. “I don’t know why I was so pissed off,” Kim said of her reaction to Thompson enveloping Khloé in a highly dramatic cheating scandal while she was in the midst of giving birth to their daughter, True Thompson. After Khloé reminded Kim that it was, um, because she loves her, Kim responded “Well, then, it was all worth it,” then summarized the status of their current relationship as “good.” As evidence, the so-called “Princess of Prison Reform” added: “He texted me the other day to try to help him get someone out of prison.”

Caitlyn Jenner

Kanye West isn’t the only one who’s apparently made up with Caitlyn Jenner: Kim shared that they spent Christmas Eve together, with Kourtney adding that she and Jenner did the same on Christmas Day. (It was just a year ago that, following the publication of Jenner’s memoir, Kim slammed her as both a “liar” and “not a good person.”)

Scott Disick (and Sofia Richie)

As Kourtney very well knows, having just spent a very modern family vacation with the pair in Cabo, her 35-year-old ex Scott Disick and his 20-year-old girlfriend, Sofia Richie, are still going strong. While the family has long prodded at the couple’s age difference, Kourtney cited the fact that they now vacation together as evidence that “it’s all good!” (She also contradicted recent rumors that the idea of Disick proposing to Richie “terrified her,” insisting that she would respond to the news with a simple congratulations.)

Lindsay Lohan

Among those who didn’t take kindly to Kim’s “Bo Derek braids,” which were widely decried as yet another instance of the Kardashians’ cultural appropriation, was one Lindsay Lohan, who responded to a photo of the look with, simply, “I am confused.” Those three little words clearly struck a nerve with Kim, who responded—in the comments section of Perez Hilton’s Instagram, of all places, where all of this drama went down—with “@lindsaylohan you know what’s confusing….your [sic] sudden foreign accent.”

“It’s still confusing,” Kim said on Monday, though she seems to have cooled down since then—and neglected to read Lohan’s recent explanation of her erstwhile inflection. “But, I mean, no drama. I like her.”

Chelsea Handler

Wait, the Kardashians had beef with Chelsea Handler? The rest of the world might, but the family hasn’t forgotten about the time that the comedian said she “blame[s] the Kardashians” for turning the country into a reality show, thereby allowing for the election of Donald Trump. “We don’t [have that much power,] and it’s crazy that she would even put that on somebody else,” Khloé said. (Never mind that the Kardashians are arguably one of the most powerful forces in America.) Although Kim said that she’s since seen and talked to Handler, and that things are now “all good,” Khloé appears to still be holding a grudge: “That’s what I don’t like about some people,” she continued. “They want to talk all this crap publicly, but when they see us they’re up our ass! It’s crazy. I don’t like that.”

The Egg

In case you missed it, this weekend, a humble speckled egg managed to dethrone Kylie Jenner and her newborn Stormi Webster from their status of achieving the most likes on a post in Instagram history. Whereas Jenner responded by posting a video of herself—gasp—cracking an egg, Kim made it clear that at least she, on the other hand, doesn’t harbor any hard feelings. According to her, the campaign was a genius marketing move. (Never mind that it wasn’t actually marketing anything.)

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