Donald Trump Is Wreaking Havoc on Future House of Cards Plot Lines, Says Robin Wright

Robin Wright revealed Donald Trump’s time in the White House thus far is already causing ‘House of Cards’ writers to rethink some plot lines for next season.

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It’s only natural in this current political climate to draw parallels between pop culture and President Donald Trump‘s administration, whether it’s Olivia Pope’s fearless persona on Scandal or Leslie Knope’s relentlessly self-imposing optimism on Parks and Recreation.

But perhaps the most politically in-tune show on television right now is Netflix’s House of Cards—debuting its fifth season on the streaming service later this month—which follows the ruthless and corrupt President Francis (a.k.a. Frank) Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his equally chilly wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) as they continue to make Washington, D.C., their twisted playground. It’s easy to find some similarities between Underwood and Trump. Wright even revealed Trump’s time in the White House thus far is already causing the show’s writers to rethink some plot lines for next season.

“Trump has stolen all of our ideas for Season 6,” Wright said on Thursday during a Variety talk at the Cannes Film Festival. Although she did say that the writers have known how they’re going to end the show for quite some time—Trump hasn’t spoiled the finale…yet, anyway—she’s still very disheartened by every piece of news coming out of the White House recently. “I’ve got to see the hope somewhere,” Wright said. “Oh my God, we have four years of this.”

Although Frank and The Donald may or may not buddy up in real life, don’t expect fictional First Lady Claire Underwood to bear many striking similarities to Melania Trump, who’s been mostly absent from the public since Donald Trump assumed office in January. “She’s Lady Macbeth to Richard III,” said Wright, explaining her character. “You realize she’s just as fierce and evil, she just doesn’t have to talk so much. She’s the best of both sexes.” To reiterate: Don’t mess with Claire.

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