Sarah Paulson Unsurprisingly Broke a Rule at the Met Gala

Give the actress a rule and you know she’s going to break it.


Give Sarah Paulson a rule and she will break it. She is, after all, the same woman who fearlessly embarrassed herself in front of Rihanna on the set of Ocean’s 8 and the same woman who has shared some choice words for critics of her relationship with Holland Taylor.

The strict guidelines at the Met Gala proved to be no exception for the actress, who confessed during an appearance Tuesday on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that she brought a little something extra into the event with her.

While Jimmy Fallon was curious to know if Sarah Paulson had considered stealing anything from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, much like her character in the highly anticipated heist film Ocean’s 8, the actress revealed that while she did not take anything, she did admit to a little bit of healthy mischief. The Ocean’s 8 star entertained Jimmy Fallon with the tale of how she and restaurateur Bruce Bozzi had to figure out a way to bring their unfinished glasses of tequila into an area of the museum where Madonna was preparing to perform for the attendees of the event. “We decided that just sounded like a bad idea to not have our tequila while we were going to watch Madonna,” Paulson said.

But the museum did not allow beverages in the performance section of the museum, so Paulson and Bozzi had to improvise a little bit. Bozzi did what any gentleman would do with the task at hand—he put the tequila in his pants. “Every time we were walking, and I sort of picked up the pace, he’d be like, ‘Can you slow down…’,” Paulson explained. Naturally, it is not easy to walk through a museum inconspicuously with an entire glass of unfinished tequila in one’s pants, so by the time the two had smuggled the drink into the performance, there was hardly any left due to the spillage.

Still, any tequila is good tequila, and the actress appeared to have enjoyed the rest of her evening—and the rest of her drink—without being caught by any security guards or fellow thirsty actors.

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