Sarah Snyder and Luka Sabbat Wore Matching Trench Coats To Burberry Show

Instagram stars and models Sarah Snyder and Luka Sabbat wore matching jackets at Saturday’s Burberry Fall 2018 show, where they were spotted holding hands.

Burberry February 2018 Show
David M. Benett

Sarah Snyder has over a million Instagram followers, but fans actually know very little about the 22-year-old aspiring model. They know she was famously accused of stealing an Hermès bag, that she’s modeled for Calvin Klein and Yeezy, and that she loves to post pictures of herself, but that’s about it. Instead, Snyder has been largely defined, at least in the eyes of the Internet, by her boyfriends; it was her two-year relationship with actor and musician Jaden Smith that fist put her on the pop culture radar, and most recently she was linked to Leonardo DiCaprio after being spotted having dinner with the actor in November.

But at Saturday’s Burberry show during London Fashion Week, Snyder was arm in arm with Grown-ish actor and fellow Instagram star Luka Sabbat. The pair arrived together at the show and circulated through the dimly lit space with hands interlocked, occasionally pausing to throw their arms around each other. It was enough to cause a few audience members to see when Sabbat was last spotted with his girlfriend, model Adriana Mora (she last posted a photo of Sabbat back in November).

It makes sense that Snyder and Sabbat are friends–the duo hang in similar circles, both attended Dolce & Gabbana’s Spring 2017 show during Milan Fashion Week in 2016, and appeared together in Iceberg’s campaign in 2017{: rel=nofollow}.

Who Is Sarah Snyder?

Last time we checked, Sarah was dating Jaden Pinkett Smith, and the two have been spotted locking lips front row at Fashion Week on multiple occasions.

Photo courtesy of @SarahFuckingSnyder.

They’re basically inseparable.

Photo courtesy of @SarahFuckingSnyder.

Her ex-BFF and former roommate is Eileen Kelly, another Insta-star known as @KillerAndaSweetThang.

Photo courtesy of @SarahFuckingSnyder.

Her hair color has gone from platinum blonde…

Photo courtesy of @SarahFuckingSnyder.

To blue…

Photo courtesy of @SarahFuckingSnyder.

To black.

Photo courtesy of @SarahFuckingSnyder.

…And recently to red.

Photo courtesy of @SarahFuckingSnyder.

She’s the reigning bathroom selfie champion.

Photo courtesy of @SarahFuckingSnyder.

And can almost always be seen in Gucci, a graphic t-shirt, Supreme hoodie, and designer sneakers.

Photo courtesy of @SarahFuckingSnyder.

And although she started as an Instagram star, she’s now a serious fashion model signed to Request. Recently, she sat front row at Dolce & Gabbana‘s Milan fashion show (sans Jaden!) and is also the face of Hugo Boss.


But whether they are a couple or just friends, the model duo made a striking pair wearing matching Burberry trench coats—a look that Snyder said was unplanned. “I’m wearing my coat inside out with matching shoes with the classic Burberry print,” she said of her ensemble as Sabbat stood nearby. Also unplanned? Her very on-trend headcomb headband, like the ones recently seen on the Prabal Gurung Fall 2018 runway. “I didn’t see that!,” she exclaimed, when informed of the accessory’s relevance. “Wow, cool. No, I just didn’t wash my hair, so I just put it in my hair. I’m starting to get into throwback accessories.”

The model had just arrived in town that morning, a trip centered around this particular show. “I’ve always been a fan of the brand and it is Christopher [Bailey]’s last show, so I’m excited,” she said. “I’ve haven’t met him yet, though.”

She was just one of the many famous faces who were in attendance to celebrate the designer, and many of them also sitting as pairs: newly married Jamie Bell and Kate Mara, actors Lily James and Matt Smith, co-stars (and rumored couple) Tom Holland and Zendaya, and, of course, best friends Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss. Meanwhile, Cara Delevingne made her triumphant return to the runway.

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