Saturday Night on Thursday

Steven Alan celebrates a new book about SNL.

Alison Castle and Steven Alan

What: A cocktail party celebrating Alison Castle’s Saturday Night Live: The Book, hosted by Steven Alan.

When: Thursday, March 5th

Where: The Steven Alan Home store in TriBeCa.

Who: The fashion designer and author were joined by SNL’s Fred Armisen and Colin Jost, model Hannelore Knuts, stylist TK Wonder, and more.

Why: Guests had an opportunity to recall their favorite SNL moments from the past 40 years—and with drinks flowing, some even chose to act them out.

Photos: Saturday Night on Thursday

Alison Castle and Steven Alan. Photo by

TK Wonder. Photo by

Edie Baskin and Mary Ellen Matthews. Photo by

Fred Armisen. Photo by

Steve Higgins and Colin Jost. Photo by

Hannelore Knuts, Angelo Apollo, and Nicolas Provost. Photo by