Selena Gomez's Elegant Updo at the Billboard Music Awards Is All the Holiday Hair Inspiration You Need

If there's one thing we've learned in 2017, it's that the lob is still going strong. Nearly every celebrity decided to up and cut their hair off this year, and with early adopters like Selena Gomez, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kendall Jenner, it's totally clear why the length is so popular. Not many haircuts can pull off looking cool, casual, and chic at the same time—and given that it's just as flattering to every hair type as our go-to long layers, there's universal appeal. There's just one downside to going lob-length or shorter, in that you do usually have to say goodbye to ponies, buns, and braids. But Instagram Queen Selena Gomez just came through with a loophole: a beautiful, twisted bun.

Following her pattern of bringing big beauty looks to the awards circuit, Gomez's hairstyle at the Billboard Music Awards last night was the only way she could top showing up at the American Music Awards with freshly bleached-out hair. She set a high bar, but thanks to her ace hair and makeup team, hairstylist Marisa Marino and makeup artist Hung Vanngo, they pulled it off last night. Because from the front, what looked like a typical updo turned out to be so much more.

Click through to see the second slide, where the bun action is happening. It looks like Marino pulled tiny sections of Gomez's hair back and pinned them in place, making for a Khaleesi-esque, woven effect—all without the major length you normally need to make a woven hairstyle situation (usually, they somehow work in braids). Marino finished by twisting the singer's hair into a low bun at the nape of her neck, and pinning it in place. The final effect is mesmerizing, and the best holiday-hair solution (especially if you also went short this summer).

Best of all, they left the ends of her low bun sticking out, and they blend totally in. So if you're also growing out a bleached/rainbow hair color—and dealing with the frayed hair that comes with it—no one would ever know. As an added bonus, her roots only add more dimension to the bun, which makes for an extra oomph of volume.

Amanda Edwards

Working with grown-out roots and split ends? This hairstyle has everything.

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