If you don't follow the most followed person on Instagram, Selena Gomez, then you may not know that the pop princess is in a new relationship. Yes, she may be dating noted Canadian crooner—slash—bad boy The Weeknd, but the partnership she seems super stoked about is that with her new best friend Petra Collins. There they are hugging in a forest! There they are getting dinner in the Big Apple and wearing matching prints! There's Gomez on her 25th birthday, posing with a neon peach sign gifted to her by Collins!

The duo took their courtship to the next level earlier this week, teaming up in a professional sense for Gomez's latest music video, "Fetish." The clip, which also features Gucci Mane, features a very moody Gomez slumping around the suburbs, periodically placing objects in her mouth that should not be there—glass, soap, an eyelash curler, et al—before fulling breaking down in a freezer full of frost and peaches. Following the video's debut, Gomez and Collins came together to discuss the creative collaboration for Dazed. Here, the biggest takeaways from the interview:

Selena Gomez Will Probably Be Seeing It on Opening Night

While explaining that the concept for the video is that of a horror film, Gomez casually mentions a time Collins walked in on her watching Chucky on a random weekday afternoon. "You came over in the middle of the day and found me in my living room sitting on a big teddy bear watching Chucky so casually and then you came and laid with me," the singer said. Added Collins, "Literally we were lying on a teddy bear watching Chucky." Sometimes celebrities are not just like us.

You Aren't The Only One Obsessed With Those ASMR Videos Another inspiration for the clip? Those ASMR videos created to lull people to sleep with odd, tickling noises, which explains the brief flashes of Gomez wrapping a piece of twine around her tongue (kind of). "I love the video because it shows the very dirty, gross and weird love you can have towards someone," said Collins. "This is how obsessive some people get and how they release. I’m obsessed with these weird ASMR videos. I think about how our bodies react to sounds and movement."

Spring Breakers Was Quite Lucrative, Professionally

Gucci Mane makes the requisite rap cameo in the song, but it turns out he and Gomez go way back. "Gucci is so cool. I’m obsessed with him, we worked on Spring Breakers together and I asked him to be on the song," said Gomez. "I hadn’t had seen him for a long time (but) when I asked he was like ‘Yeah fam! Let’s do it!’ He loves it." May we suggest having James Franco revive his Alien persona for the next rap feature?

People Born in 1992 Still Are Into Fiona Apple

Apparently that VMA's "This world is bullshit" speech made quite the impact on Gomez, despite it happening when she was just 5-years-old. "I’ve been listening to her since my childhood," she said. "She was doing something very raw for her time. She is an icon, what she does creatively is on another level."

...And Brian De Palma

When asked about her current obsession, Gomez cited the Carrie director. "I have a fetish for Brian De Palma films," she said. "The way he shoots women is so sexy. I’m printing out pictures to hang up in my new house right now. Melanie Griffith in Body Double. So sexy."

Selena Gomez Is Sensitive AF

"I feel everything so intensely, which is one of my favorite things about myself. Feeling is something I love."

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