September Horoscopes: Twitter's Favorite Astrologers Share Their Syllabus for Fall

It really is possible that we are at another beginning. It happens every year, as the new moon in Virgo on September 9 will remind us. It will also remind us of the great moral conflicts ahead and how action is not only possible, but inevitable. On September 25, the full moon in Aries will return us to passion—the passion to create new things. Remember that even in chaos, there is the ability for creation.

Yours in the stars and on earth,

The Astro Poets


Your focus at work will return and you’ll start feeling a lot like yourself again. Though you often dread being over-committed; it helps you feel a sense of urgency and that you’re needed. There are many futures which haven’t been decided, and this month, one of them—one that has to do with friendship—will reveal itself to you. You’re surrounded by more support than you imagine. And although autumn will bring long hours in the service of many projects, there will also be plenty of passion and creativity to excite you. Maybe you’re also wondering about love? Of course you are. You’re always trying to preserve its newness. The reins are in your hands this September. It’s all about how you’ve chosen to see what’s in front of you. Love will follow your lead.


Last month’s career opportunities have left you with a lot to juggle this month. You’re feeling ready to dive into new projects and responsibilities, and there will be a lot of forward momentum coming your way this September. You may find yourself more than a little frazzled as you adjust to your new roles at work. And, at the same time, you’ll take a lot of time this month tending to the needs of your family. There will be a family member who’ll need you more than others and demand your attention. You’ll probably find it hard to take on their needs, alongside everything going on in your work sphere, but you’ll do so with your otherworldly endurance and ability to absorb stress, transforming it into positivity. Make sure you take some time for yourself, too. For at least one morning this month, turn off your phone and sleep in, surrounded by tons of pillows and the comfortable and kind arms of dreams.


You won’t be missing summer, because what’s to come is even greater. You’ll feel a new sense of purpose toward a project you’ve been working on for a long time—one that perhaps you thought couldn’t be completed, or perhaps had stalled. Either way, there will be a breakthrough. You’ll also feel more in touch with yourself this month and prefer spending more time alone than you usually do. Your spirit will continue to recharge, and that recharging will bring about your favorite thing: new ideas. Money will also be on your mind because, although it may be too early to fully see it, there’s a tremendous opportunity coming up for you this fall. Remain alert and open to the world. There are so many people who look to you for a kind of spontaneity and freedom. They wouldn’t be looking for it if you didn’t possess it. You are full of soul.


Although many people who know you in superficial terms tend to think of you as a positive force with lots of endless energy, your good friends and family know how deep and dark you can get when the negative winds swing your way. This month, you’ll take a lot of time to reassess who you are and what you’re doing in this life. This may cause you to be pensive or brooding, as you calculate what your next steps are, especially in terms of your career. Once you have committed to a relationship, you usually aren’t one to question it on a fundamental level, but this month, you’ll be looking into your relationships, too. You’ll wonder if they’re everything you want, and if they aren’t, you may try to talk to your friends and lovers about what you’re unhappy about. A glimpse of intense flirtation is coming your way, which could mean a brand new love or something added to an ongoing affair. Whatever the case, enjoy it and appreciate how magical chemistry between two people can be.


It’s difficult for you to imagine someone being upset with you. This has a lot to do with you and your ego. We say this because this month, you’ll be presented with a situation where a past drama comes to light, and you’ll have to listen and attend to the feelings of someone you may have hurt. This won’t be easy, but it’ll be easier if you let go of your own obsession with constantly being seen as the person everyone needs and the person no one is upset with. Loyalty is one of your most powerful traits; let it be what you remember in the moments you feel most scorned. As for your work life, summer has rightfully distracted you, but you’ll soon be getting back to a big project. You’re incredibly available and work tremendously hard at what you do. You’ll be rewarded for this by the end of the year.


This month, you’re feeling loose and free, ready to take on the uncharted waters of love. What was once holding you back and asking you to be more of your responsible, earthy self has given you an opening, so you might feel more like a fire child, ready to face new opportunities. Take advantage of this feeling to affect real change in your life. Something like that ineffable idea of true love is coming your way, although it may take until next month to really get there. Enjoy all of the steps along the way—even the feelings of uncertainty that can fill you with a bit of dread. You should realize you’ve earned every good thing that is there for you. You earn everything in your life, because you’re willing to work for it all. This makes you a special force in the zodiac. Take time to worship how strong and wonderful you truly are.


You must take time this month to acknowledge how different your life is, even from just a year ago. You’ve changed quite a lot of what’s around you—whether that’s at work or in your home or who you see frequently. Next up is the internal changing—something you don’t really like talking or thinking about. As highly reflective as you are, you’re also terrified of the mind because you know how powerful it is. This is the month in which you begin your internal work and changing. It has everything to do with bringing you closer to your true desires when it comes to love. Yes, that means romantic love, but also the love that only you can give yourself if there’s no one else. And there may be no one else for a while. But a while is not forever.


You’re always the mastermind of your own destiny, and this month, you’ll start to see all of your hard work pay off. This is especially true when in terms of work. You’ve been trying to make a space for yourself in your field, and the time is now. Forces of foundational energy are helping you set up your place as an expert among your peers. Nothing gives you quite as much satisfaction as this moment—looking back at all you’ve endured in the past, and seeing it be a worthwhile penance. Take some time to congratulate yourself, albeit secretly, of course, because it would embarrass you for others to fully know about the strength of your ego. So, at least one night this month, eat decadent desserts in your bathtub and cackle quietly at your success. You can trust the stars will get what you want. Enjoy the feeling that, for the next month at least, the winds are making sure you definitely do.


Nothing has quite gone wrong but nothing has quite gone the way you’ve thought it would—that’s been your summer. You will feel restless in these first few weeks of September, trying to understand what purpose this has served. Leave all sentimentality behind, Sagittarius. Often, you’re read as unemotional or unbothered, which bothers you, but let it not bother you now. Charge forward and try to borrow some energy from your earth sign friends, especially Virgos. September will be about doing, not deep introspection. Through this, you’ll feel connected to yourself again. Your optimism will return. Don’t forget that you can always hop on a plane, at any time. Think of this when you’re feeling most stuck, and let it free you. The world of action has always had a special place for you.


This September, there will be an electricity infused into all of your activities, in career and love. You'll carry around a type of glowing energy, and your ability to influence and persuade others will reach a high. Now could be a good time to ask for what you want in your workplace or with your friends. Don’t waste too much time wondering if you should act or not, because you should. Forces will be on your side to support your actions, and mulling over the decision to act will stall you for months to come if you give in to it. Ideas of change will excite you this September, and you may find yourself questioning your relationships and if you’re truly happy. You may even find yourself initiating a breakup of sorts. As you always should, trust your instincts, because only you can say what it takes for you to be content.


Those who have disappointed you in the past will come to your aid this month. It’ll surprise you, and it’ll also open something within you to be more trusting and revealing of your vulnerability. You’re incredibly dependable, even if at times it’s in your own aloof way. This month will be all about others being dependable for you, and in service of your needs and ideas. You have a hard time asking for help, but people know this, so you won’t have to ask. What will at first seem like a quiet month will, in looking back, be one that initiated a lot of internal change. You’ll find yourself getting closer to the people who truly care for you, and showing them that through the emotive side you always guard.


This month, friendships will figure profoundly in your consciousness. You’ll be revisiting past memories and how far you’ve traveled with some of your best friends. In many ways, nostalgia will influence the present, as it will become clear to you how loyal many of your friends have been and how deeply they love you. You are so deserving of this love and so much more, as you are a conscientious companion and a great person to have on one’s side when things are both bad and good. You’ll also explore what other kinds of friendship you can cultivate as the weeks go on. Perhaps your good heart keeps you from completely seeking out friendships that are merely professional, and you could take time to make more acquaintances who may help your future prospects in your field. You think of yourself as savvy and somewhat ruthless, but anyone who knows you well knows you lead with your feelings. This month, work on finding friendships that also suit your mind and wallet.

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