Simon Castets: Curating Generation X

The French curator Simon Castets, who is 30 but could be easily mistaken for a cast member of Glee, is part of the new generation of artists, filmmakers, writers, and other creative types emerging in the age of social media. 89plus, the Web platform he cofounded last year with Hans Ulrich Obrist, is for those talents born in or after 1989. “We’re curious about the Internet’s effect on their creative undertakings,” Castets says. Not content to work only within the digital domain, Castets recently accepted the position of director of the Swiss Institute, a nonprofit fixture in the New York art world for almost three decades. He will shepherd the institution’s Swiss-centric cosmopolitan programming while expanding its exploration into architecture, design, film, and other areas. (Later this year will see the inauguration of an annual design series, the first of which will be organized by the Greek architect Andreas Angelidakis.) “I’m interested in collaboration and bringing in all these different voices,” Castets says. “The more the merrier.”