Sofia Richie has established that she's not afraid to take a risk with her hair--once she let a stylist cut her hair using kitchen scissors, and another time she added green highlights. But her latest look may be her biggest transformation yet.

On Wednesday evening, the usually blonde Richie posted a photo from a Los Angeles salon showing off her new shoulder-length, chocolate brown bob.


Photo: Courtesy Instagram Stories/@SofiaRichie

Of course, it is more the color that's a surprise than the cut. Earlier this summer the daughter of Lionel Richie tried a similar length. Her stylist Chase Kusero explained to Allure that it was necessary at the time. "Her hair was feeling a bit dry and we were hanging out, getting ready for a friend's wedding... I think the cut was exactly right for her and is on-trend for summer," Kusero said.

The only question is, does a new year and a new look mean the same relationship?