Sofia Vergara Has a Lookalike Niece Named Claudia Vergara

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Just when you were deep in the Instagram feed of Sofia Vergara's hot model son Manolo, who quite possibly upstaged his mom at the 2017 Emmys red carpet, the actress has another family member you should be paying attention to. The Modern Family star's 25 year old niece Claudia Vergara could easily be her doppelgänger.

In fact, they both seem to have a similar red carpet style as Claudia attended this year's Emmy awards with her long brunette hair flowing and in a bodycon red lace dress with matching red lipstick. While Vergara wore a different look this past awards show — she opted for a white floor-length gown with magenta lipstick and a high ponytail showcasing her then-newly cut bangs — Claudia's look is no doubt one Vergara would wear herself, and similar to ones she's worn in the past. Meanwhile, the man pictured alongside Claudia is an entrepreneur, who is apparently involved with the young Vergara, People reports.

"Front view. I take this emoji very seriously💃 #redonredonred #emmys2017," she captioned another shot of her Emmys outfit.

Even though Claudia's name might not ring a bell yet, the Los Angeles-based socialite has already graced the cover of at least one magazine: * ¡Hola! Colombia.* Her resemblance to Vergara is even more blatant on the cover where she wears her hair in long flowing waves à la her aunt, Sofia. "Happy to be part of this @hola_col edition and happier to share it with you!," she wrote on Instagram, as translated by Google, in the caption of her cover shot. "Do not miss it! Infinite thank you."

Taking after her aunt, Claudia has already made her fashion show debut as well, as she attended a couple in Miami during the city's fashion week this past summer, which she posted about on Instagram.

She's just as active on the social media platform as well, often posting her outfits of the day and her travels from Miami to the tropics, as she visited with Sofia and Manolo this past May.

When she's not traveling or taking in fashion shows, Claudia is also making appearances at events.

Or, indulging in her favorite snack — judging by her Instagram — cotton candy.

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