Sophie Turner Only Spoiled Game of Thrones for Two People, Thank You Very Much

One of them was Joe Jonas, because naturally.

Sophie Turner wears an Altuzarra dress, $24,000, Photo by Cole Sprouse, styled by Ryann Foulke.

By her own admission, Sophie Turner is terrible at keeping secrets. “I don’t think people tell me things anymore because they know that I can’t keep them. I’ve already told the ending of Game of Thrones to a few people,” she told W back in January. “I was like, ‘Hey, if you want to know, I’ll tell you.’” (She was sure to note, of course, that she only told people she was confident would actually keep the secret—unlike herself.)

Avid Game of Thrones fans, apparently, were none too impressed that Turner had gone around sharing state secrets after the lengths the show has gone to to prevent spoilers (setting up dummy productions, drone-proofing, feeding actors their lines Johnny Depp–style—what will they think of next? Shepherding Jon Snow on and off set in a suitcase?). At least, that was the impression that Turner got when she logged onto Twitter and saw “these headlines like, ‘Twitter followers are being so mean to Sophie Turner after reports she told her friends the ending of Game of Thrones,’” she told Entertainment Weekly in a new interview. So she simply avoided reading the replies, as she is wont to do. “To be honest, I don’t read many of the mentions on Twitter because there’s normally quite a bit of hate,” she explained. “Everything I say will always have some negative reactions so I’m not surprised.”

It’s not even like she’s told that many people! “I’ve only told two people,” she said. “It’s not that many.” One of them, in fact, is her fiancé, Joe Jonas, who watches the series and was not very happy to have the ending spoiled. “He’s so mad at me—he loves the show!” she told British Glamour earlier this month. “I have to tell someone, otherwise I’ll burst.” (In the same interview, Maisie Williams, who plays Turner’s sister on the show, said she would have to be “very drunk” to give away the ending.)

Kit Harington, who plays the girls’ adoptive brother, Jon Snow, also shared spoilers with his wife and former costar, Rose Leslie, to what seems to have been much less backlash than Turner confronted. “The people love Kit Harington, he can do no wrong,” Turner told EW, by way of explanation. “He’s the people’s prince!” Anyway, it turns out he only spoiled the seventh season; Leslie recently told Entertainment Weekly he had given away a key piece of information involving the dragons, but she has “genuinely” no idea how the show is going to end—and she would like to keep it that way, thank you very much.