Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Broke Up for 24 Hours During the “Worst Day” of Their Lives

“For a second, we both had cold feet.”

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas began dating some time in 2016 and went Instagram official in early 2017; with their engagement announcement in the fall of that year, it’s seemed like their relationship has followed a straight upward trajectory. But as Turner revealed in a new interview with the Times of London, it hasn’t been as smooth as it’s appeared from the outside—at least not during one 24-hour period before their Las Vegas marriage earlier this month.

“It was the worst day of our lives,” she said, according to Cosmopolitan (the story is paywalled). “For a second, we both had cold feet. Then, 24 hours later, we were both like, ‘Never mind.’”

And early on, from the sound of it, their relationship was by no means a sure thing: Turner was in the midst of “this phase of being very mentally unwell,” she said, and Jonas told her, she paraphrased, “I can’t be with you until you love yourself, I can’t see you love me more than you love yourself.” Turner previously spoke about the mental health issues she confronted while going through puberty onscreen during an appearance on Dr. Phil’s podcast; in the Times interview, she delved even further into her trouble with body image: “It just kind of took over my mind, it was all I would think about,” she said, according to Bustle.

But Jonas stepped in at a crucial moment: “That was something, him doing that,” Turner went on. “I think he kind of saved my life, in a way.” Turner began seeing a therapist at 19, “desperately unhappy” and “a complete mess,” she said. It’s proved beneficial: “Everyone should have a therapist, honestly,” she added.

It wasn’t just her relationship with Jonas that helped her during that period, though; her friendship with costar Maisie Williams also proved essential. “I don’t think I would be half as mentally secure as I am now without Maisie,” Turner said. What are best friends for, if not for venting about mental health and also getting high in the bathtub?