As you're certainly aware by now, Joe Jonas married The Queen Of The North aka Sophie Turner in France on Saturday, in a gorgeous formal ceremony surrounded by family, friends, and more than a few celebrity guests. Technically, this was their second wedding, as the couple also had a quick "I Do" ceremony in Las Vegas last month. But that was essentially a fun formality to make the marriage legal in the United States, and the real wedding was the one they just had.

As for the guest list, model Ashley Graham was in attendance, as of course was actress and fellow Jonas Wife Priyanka Chopra, per People. Turner's Game Of Thrones sister and best friend, pink-haired Maisie Williams was the maid of honor, as planned. (Williams also fulfilled her role a couple of weeks ago by orchestrating Turner's bachelorette party that hopped cities across Europe.)

Attire-wise, Turner ended up wearing Louis Vuitton, which isn't a huge surprise considering the star has also modeled for the brand. While Turner has yet to share full-body photos that reveal her special dress, it did have a veil, as you can see from a few (grainy and, yes, a little invasive) helicopter shots per US Weekly,. "Sophie wore a long lace dress with sleeves," as one source noted to E! News. "She had her hair down with a veil and had light makeup...Joe and Sophie both teared up while reading their vows. Everyone stood and cheered and they had huge smiles as they left as a couple. It was an emotional ceremony."

The source also added that, in order to relax before their formal ceremony, Turner and Jonas had a few drinks. "Sophie was drinking champagne with her girlfriends and brunch was also delivered," the source shared. "Joe had a few shots with his groomsmen to ease the nerves."

The best part of their wedding, though, was definitely their dog Porky who was not only attendance but was there to offer his support in a dog tuxedo — and this really cannot be stressed enough. It was perfection.

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