Sophie Turner Chased the Paparazzi on the Beach With Her Own Camera While Vacationing in Miami

"Turning the tables on the paps."

Turner wears a Dior dress, price upon request,; Sophie Bille Brahe earring, price upon request, Photo by Cole Sprouse, styled by Ryann Foulke.

Celebrities have often gone to impressive lengths to thwart the paparazzi’s invasion of their privacy (see: Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield covering their faces with signs listing worthy charities). The latest entry in this series saw Sophie Turner picking up a long-lens camera of her own and chasing down the photographers attempting to get a shot of her and Joe Jonas on the beach in Miami.

Turner shared her foray into paparazzi-ing the paparazzi on her Instagram Story on Tuesday. In one video, captioned, “Turning the tables on the paps,” she weaves between sunbathers on the beach as she sprints, professional-grade camera in hand, to catch up with the photographers apparently running away from her. Another clip shows Turner, wearing two pairs of sunglasses atop her head, keeping a close eye out for any lurking photogs; upon spotting one, she immediately snaps a pic, providing her own sound effects for the action shot and letting out a triumphant “Ha!” before continuing on her hunt.


Turner and Jonas are currently in Miami with Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Kevin Jonas, presumably to shoot the next music video in the Jonas Brothers’ comeback plot, as implied by one of Kevin’s recent Instagram posts from the trip. Despite these work obligations, the group has also found time to lounge on a yacht and choreograph a dance to Kacey Musgraves’s “Golden Hour”—while basking in the pre-sunset golden hour on the aforementioned yacht.

As onlookers have undoubtedly surmised, this is not the first time Turner has trolled the paparazzi. Back in 2017, when she and Jonas were walking around L.A., they spotted photographers approaching and immediately began showing off their best high kicks and karate chops. The following year, the pair were sitting at a sidewalk café when they noticed the paps; that time, they stayed perfectly motionless, staring straight into the photographers’ lenses with eerily wide eyes. This time around, Turner stepped her game up by whipping out a camera of her own—so expect something even more dramatic for her annual paparazzi-trolling session next year.

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