The Spice Girls Reunion Tour Isn’t Happening Just Yet

There's mixed messages in the media.

spice girls reunion.png

Considering how much the world needs Girl Power at this very moment, a reunion from the Spice Girls has never seemed more timely. But, despite recent reports that the ’90s icons are already plotting their return tour dates and have signed off on their contracts, it appears that the Spice Girls aren’t ready to say they’ll be there just yet. The latest update comes from Variety who spoke with an “insider” about the holdup: As it turns out, talk of a reunion tour was “premature” because the Spice Girls won’t all be in the same place to plan their possible comeback until April.

That hasn’t stopped fans, however, from becoming overjoyed at the prospect of a reunion. The Spice Girls teased at one earlier this month with a statement saying, “We are always overwhelmed at how much interest there is across the whole world for the Spice Girls. The time now feels right to explore some incredible new opportunities together. We have enjoyed a wonderful afternoon catching up and reminiscing about the amazing times we have spent together. We all agree that there are many exciting possibilities that will once again embrace the original essence of the Spice Girls, while reinforcing our message of female empowerment for future generations.”

They also reunited at their former manager Simon Fuller’s office, which they later shared pictures of on social media. “Love u all so much!!! X Such a great day!! Thank u Simon!,” Victoria Beckham wrote on Instagram.

At the same time, however, Beckham has stated that she personally isn’t up for a reunion tour. Last week, she told British Vogue, per Variety, “I’m not going on tour. The girls aren’t going on tour… It was so great to see the girls. I still speak to them all individually, but for us all to get together was really lovely. There’s something so strong in the message of what the Spice Girls stood for. What is that in the future? What does that look like? We were just bouncing ideas around. Brainstorming.” Of course, things change.

Previously, it was reported that Beckham wouldn’t be involved in the Spice Girls’ comeback at all. Only time will tell.

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