Some say the Christmas season begins the day after Thanksgiving. Others claim it begins with the advent, on December 1. But as far as we're concerned, it wasn't really Christmastime (in New York City, at least) until Saturday, December 9. Why? Well, because the first snow of the season fell that morning—and continued all day—and at night SZA put everyone in the holiday mood with her performance on Saturday Night Live.

The musical guest to The Disaster Artist star James Franco's host, SZA performed her hit song "The Weekend" (the fact that the song is about being one of a man's multiple girlfriends is really neither here nor there in terms of our holiday mood, okay?) from her album CTRL, which Time just named their top album of the year, in a Christmas tree-y shiny green Vivetta dress with trim backed by a choir of angelic singers in literal golden robes on a stage decked in lights. Truly the most wonderful time of the year.

If somehow you're still feeling more Grinch than holly and jolly, take a listen to her amazing performance and see if it doesn't make your heart grow a few sizes:

SZA (pronounced sih-zzuh...just like an earlier sketch differentiated between peet-suh and luh-za-nyuh) delivered the perfect balance of emotion, restraint, beauty and realness. Though we do have to say, can someone please haul those TVs off the stage? They're distracting from the band's music, and we keep expecting Maureen from Rent to come out and perform "Over The Moon." (A hilarious and apt comparison if you've seen Rent multiple times; apologies to anyone who hasn't.)

At least we know SZA super-fans Jonah Hill and Seth Rogen got to see their favorite artist!

Earlier in the night, she sang "Love Galore." And we loved it galore.

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