Taylor Swift is back and slithering into your social media feed with something... very odd?

The singer, who mysteriously removed all social media content and blacked out her website on Friday, resurfaced on Instagram and Twitter Monday morning with a dark and curious 15-second video. In the clip that flashes with faux static, a scaly tail attached to an unknown creature unfurls—is this Swift's way of leaning into the "snake-like" persona that haters attributed to her last year after her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian came to light? (Or is it a dragon's tail and Taylor is just a huge Game of Thrones fan?)

Interestingly enough, it seems Swift has also turned off comments on her Instagram post of the clip, which could mean she's trying to keep the hype around her new content limited. Furthermore, famed music video director and longtime Swift collaborator, Joseph Khan—who most famously directed her star-studded video for "Bad Blood"—retweeted Taylor's video along with a smiley face caption, providing further legitimacy to claims that the clip is from a new music video that Khan likely directed.

While the video's mysteries have yet to be revealed, it's reasonable to assume that this clip is a teaser for Swift's first music video off highly-anticipated sixth album. It's been three years since she released 1989 — Friday also marked the three-year anniversary of her announcement of 1989 and the release of “Shake It Off” — and while the Swift had religiously released new music every two years since hitting the music scene, she stayed out of the spotlight last year following an epic world tour and some not-so-happy personal tribulations. She recently returned to the media's circus when she went to trail (and won) a sexual assault case against DJ David Mueller.

What's more, according to Genius.com, Swift has registered a new song called "Timeless." Curiously, timeless.com reads "Coming Soon" in a very Swift-like font. Interesting, indeed.

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Update: Taylor Swift dropped another grainy clip on Tuesday, this time of the midsection of a snake uncoiling, further stoking rumors that she is preparing to drop a new single by the end of the week.

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