The Three Muses of SoHo

Carolyn Murphy, Vanessa Traina and Taryn Toomey show us the way to throw a chic holiday party.


What: Home goods destination The Line took over an apartment in SoHo and turned it into a store.

When: Thursday, December 10th

Where: The Apartment by The Line in New York City.

Who: Vanessa Traina, Carolyn Murphy, Taryn Toomey, and Gucci Westman were joined by actress Naomi Watts and Sofia Sanchez de Batek, Athena Calderone, Leandra Medine, Lauren Remington Platt.

Why: Traina mixed business with pleasure by throwing a holiday party that took place inside her 3,500-square-foot shop-able apartment. The highlights included minimalist tree decor, beaucoup bubbly served by cute men in ties, and a metallic skirt to top it all off. Famous friends helped decorate the scene. And, a portion of proceeds from the evening went to benefit Every Mother Counts, a non-profit organization dedicated to women’s issues.

Photos: The Three Muses of SoHo

Vanessa Traina, Naomi Watts, and Taryn Toomey. Photo by BFA.

Leandra Medine. Photo by BFA.

Lauren Remington Platt. Photo by BFA.

Gucci Westman, Taryn Toomey, and Carolyn Murphy. Photo by BFA.

Sofia Sanchez de Betak, Nicole Snoep, and Reinaldo Leandro. Photo by BFA.

Photo by BFA.

Athena Calderone and Romy Soleimani. Photo by BFA.

Carolyn Murphy. Photo by BFA.

Meredith Melling Burke and Taryn Toomey. Photo by BFA.

Carolyn Murphy and Gucci Westman. Photo by BFA.