To Tibet With Love

Tibet House Miley Cyrus

Debbie Harry, Wayne Coyne and Miley Cyrus. Photo by Getty Images.

On Thursday night, a philanthropic-minded group of musicians and artists gathered at Carnegie Hall for the 25th annual benefit concert for Tibet House, a charity dedicated to preserving the country’s cultural heritage. Renowned composer Philip Glass played host for the evening—introducing and sometimes joining the evening’s headliners, who included Debbie Harry, Patti Smith, Dev Hynes, and The Flaming Lips. While the audience clapped along to favorites like Blondie’s “Heart of Glass,” it was the final act—a group performance featuring all the musicians and surprise guest Miley Cyrus—that brought down the house.

After the marathon performance, guests like Arden Wohl and Uma Thurman made their way to East 46th street for sustenance at a seated dinner. Despite braving the chilly temperatures and snowdrifts, everyone seemed to be in remarkably good spirits. “It’s a family affair,” explained Thurman, who came to support her father Robert Thurman. “The Tibetan culture was essential to my childhood. It’s important we keep it alive and from being emulsified into the multiculturalism of the world.” As the night wore on and guests warmed up—the dance floor became a different kind a melting pot, but one that Thurman would surely approve of.