The #TimesUp initiative, launched by powerful women in Hollywood to combat systemic sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination across industries, will have its first major moment since launching tonight when major stars of all genders wear black outfits and, in many cases, Time's Up pins on the Golden Globes red carpet, and now they're inviting women (and men!) at home to join in by posting a picture of their own black outfits with the hashtag #WhyWeWearBlack to focus even more attention on issues like harassment. It's kind of a genius PR move. Viewers were already going to be tuning in for the Golden Globes, there was already going to be red carpet interviews and media coverage, so instead of planning and paying for their own launch, Hollywood women are using it all to their advantage to turn the night into a launch an anti-harassment campaign.

The movement began at the start of the year with a letter of solidarity in response to a letter from women in the Farm Workers Union and the launch of the Time's Up Legal Defense Fund which, according to a new video starring Rashida Jones, Reese Witherspoon, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tessa Thompson and Brie Larson, has now raised over fifteen million dollars. In the same video, they encourage everyone to join in the movement, whether they've been a victim or not, as an act of solidarity and sisterhood. See the two-part announcement here:

Rosario Dawson also released her own #WhyWeWearBlack video today, thanking whistleblowers like Rose McGowan, Olivia Munn, Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd, Anabella Sciorra, Asia Argento, Gabrielle Union, Ellen Page, Terry Crews and Anthony Rapp.

Laura Dern, Natalie Portman (whose entire newly launched Instagram is dedicated to Times Up posting), Eva Longoria, Jessica Chastain and Edgar Ramirez are also joining the fight in their #TimesUp t-shirts, promoting the project, well, like only Hollywood stars can.


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