In case you haven't heard, nostalgia is in. Nineties and early 2000's nostalgia, to be specific. It's on the runways, on your television set and on the big screen—even Paris Hilton is having a moment.

So who better to capitalize on the moment than Uggs, the unofficial footwear brand of the early aughts? It's a challenge easier said than done, after all, how do you turn camp nostalgia into sales? Well, the sheepskin boot company has tapped two unquestionable avatars of cool for its Fall 2017 campaign. Yes, that is Kyle MacLachlan and Kim Gordon proudly wearing their Uggs.

MacLachlan is starring in the return of Twin Peaks, the 1990 David Lynch show that's an opioid for today's cultural intelligentsia. And Gordon, well, she earned her stripes even earlier, as the front woman of Sonic Youth, a designer with her label X-Girl who went on to become a muse for other designers like Marc Jacobs, an accomplished author with her memoir Girl in a Band, an artist and a working musician with her band Body/Head, not to mention the fact that she's Kim Gordon! (Her daughter Coco Moore just happens to be a budding style muse herself).

Kyle MacLachlan is one of the stars of Ugg boots’ Fall 2017 campaign.

The pair come together in the set of images, which marks the second of the brand's The Collective campaigns featuring a cast of real Californians who embody the "spirit" of the label. Joining MacLachlan and Gordon in this go-around are L.A.-based artist Uzumaki Cepeda, photographer Zackery Michael, and musicians Fletcher and Wyatt Shears of the Orange County-based band The Garden.

The images, shot by Frederic Auerbach, were shot around the state of California, and feature the ragtag crew staring broodingly into the camera—wearing Uggs, of course. Upping the approval factor just that bit more: the video campaign will feature music provided by indie rock band Cold War Kids.

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The campaign comes on the heels of Jeremy Scott's announcement that he will be collaborating with Ugg on a capsule collection featuring eight styles, ranging in price from $90 to $1,195. It was a project that Scott was drawn to because of—what else?—fond memories of 2000s fashion. "That was my first impression, of Kate Hudson and Britney Spears wearing them,” he told WWD. “There’s a sense of nostalgia for that era right now.”

Kim Gordon, second from the right, and Kyle MacLachlan, third from the right, star in Ugg boots’ Fall 2017 campaign.

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