Embrace Your Inner Victoria’s Secret Angel

May 2nd is Victoria's Secret's new holiday, Bombshells' Day. Angels Jasmine Tookes, Candice Swanepoel, Martha Hunt, and Lily Aldridge share their plans.

Candice Swanepoel

As if its lingerie, swim, and active lines, and a wildly-popular annual fashion show weren’t enough, Victoria’s Secret is now adding “Founding an International Holiday” to its stylish oeuvre. Every first Saturday in May (beginning tomorrow), the brand invites women across the world to celebrate Bombshells’ Day by relaxing, spending time with friends, and embracing their inner Bombshells. “Bombshells’ Day is a day to celebrate YOU and pamper yourself with girlfriends,” explains newly minted Angel Jasmine Tookes. “It’s a day for empowering women in your life,” adds Martha Hunt. While the day’s activities can range from a day at the spa or an afternoon at home to attending a shopping event at a Victoria’s Secret store, Tookes, Hunt, and Candice Swanepoel agreed a trip to the spa was the way to go. For Lily Aldridge, however, she says she’ll incorporate her daughter rinto her Bombshells’ Day and Mother’s Day celebration with a backyard picnic. “Women have so many responsibilities as professionals, mothers, friends, daughters—we can get so caught up in all that we forget to take time for ourselves,” says Hunt, citing the inspirational women in her life as her best friend, sister, and pop star pal Taylor Swift. “It’s important to take some “me” time and appreciate what’s around us.”