I Dream of Jeans

RE/DUN, a new line of reconstructed Levi’s, makes finding the perfect pair that much easier.

RE/DUN Straight Skinny Jeans

Vintage Levi’s have long been a classic, but (blame Normcore?) they seem to be having a moment of late, appearing in fashion editorials for this magazine, as well as on style stars like Elin Kling and Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor. So denim veterans Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur couldn’t have chosen a more opportune time to launch RE/DUN, their line of pre-worn 501s, 505s, and 517s that have been ripped apart and reconstructed in perfectly-fitting skinny and relaxed styles. The pants, available now on, run $200-$300—a small price to pay for what will undoubtedly be your favorite pair for years to come.