Bella Hadid Is the Blondest She Has Ever Been

Bella Hadid with blonde hair

Move over Kim Kardashian, there’s a new Marilyn Monroe enthusiast in town, and she’s got the hair for it. On Tuesday afternoon, Bella Hadid shocked Instagram when she posted a video showing off a very blonde ‘do, looking like she’s about to take Kardashian gig, as well as Ana de Armas’, and maybe even Monroe’s at this point.

The video shows Hadid with a head full of short, bleached blonde pin curls. The model shakes her head around while applying one last layer of hairspray to it. “I think I’m done,” she says before looking straight at the camera. “What do you think?”

The new look comes as Hadid has been seemingly slowly going blonder over the past few weeks. She initially debuted a honey color back in December. Then, when she went to the Cayman Islands in the new year, the hue seemed to lighten to a true blonde. That was then followed by a trip to Santa Monica to promote her Kin Euphorics smoothie at Erewhon. The model showed up to the grocery story with possibly the blondest locks we’ve ever seen on her...until now.

Of course, Hadid’s latest look is likely a wig she’s wearing for some new editorial or campaign. The fact that he credited Sam McKnight, one of fashion’s busiest editorial hairstylists, means its likely a temporary change. Still, it proves that Hadid looks fabulous with the almost-white color, and maybe she should consider going all the way.