The Best Beauty Launches of October 2022

A collage of different beauty products from launches this October
Collage by Ashley Peña

With such an enormous range of beauty and skincare products (celeb-backed or otherwise) released each month, how can you discern whether the latest moisturizer, mascara, or lipstick is actually worth purchasing? That’s where we come in. W will publish a monthly roundup of the best beauty products that launched recently—genuine game-changers you should consider purchasing. Whether you’re a skincare connoisseur, an avid makeup collector (slash borderline hoarder) or you’re simply browsing for something fresh to add to your beauty regimen, these are our favorite new products, which we recommend incorporating into your repertoire.

Green is one of the chicest colors of the season. And Khaki Neutrals, Dior’s latest eye shadow launch, is an alluring complement to the vivacious, verdant hues we’ve seen on the runways. What drew us to this pairing of khakis, emeralds, and neutrals is the intensity that can be modified to match your desired look. It’s an idiot-proof palette, so the colors blend quite nicely—giving a more refined look that highlights the browns against the limes and olive shades. Don’t reach for your brown eyeliner to bring these colors together, either: try a deep, rich gray that will look fresh and smart.

You will love this exfoliating polish for its simplicity—and its ability to make your skin glow. Whatever point you’re at in your skincare routine this month, most likely you’re going to be incorporating a cleansing product that sloughs off dead skin soon. The Outset, Scarlett Johansson’s recently debuted skincare line, has crafted a revitalizing exfoliant to smooth out your skin in under a minute, with caffeinated beads working their magic to restore your complexion’s luster. We liked not only the clean composition, but the softness that made way for a super smooth foundation application.

I first tried this product while getting acupuncture at The Sarah Bradden method last month. After conducting my own research, I’ve become obsessed. This is an inexplicably joyful mat to lay on; it feels so warm and calming while helping reduce inflammation and promoting circulation and healing for muscles post-workout. Ultra-safe electromagnetic waves pulse through the body to help you relax and quell aching muscles. You can up the heat during yoga to intensify the workout, or promote better stretching before a workout as well. You can even drape it over your work chair to give you additional benefits. Additionally, there’s a to-go mat for travel available.

Visible signs of sagging skin typically show up in the chin and cheekbone area first. In addition to Botox, firming lasers, and facials, firming skincare products are a sound investment to combat the sag. From their open-sky lab in Costa Rica, Chanel has created a three-step skincare system to lift and plump those areas of the face that invert. The hero component? Melipona enzymatic ingredient—a rich antiaging and tightening extract the company sources responsibly and sustainably. The concentrate goes on first, followed by the volumizing cream, then the massage tool—which is used upward and along the lymphatic areas to tighten your skin. Dramatic results are usually visible after one week.

So many of us still miss Barneys New York, one of the chicest luxury department stores to exist on both coasts. If you’re feeling particularly nostalgic lately, the brand has launched a scientifically backed new skincare line to quell your sadness (it feels so good to see the logo again, am I right?). The hero product we loved from the line was the Glocela Light Gel Cream: slather it onto your dry skin at bedtime, over all of your serums, (and don’t forget the neck). It goes on a bit wet, but your skin soaks the product up in a few minutes to give you a soft, hydrated visage in the morning—without any stickiness. Glocela is the proprietary antioxidant at work here, created by the Barneys R&D team. It infuses a potent combination of cranberry, bilberry, edelweiss, Icelandic moss, rock sapphire, red algae, and cloudberry seeds to plump your skin without feeling weighted.

Products that reduce pigmentation will, quite often, peel or irritate the skin in the beginning. But the Singapore-based skincare brand Allies of Skin has heard our requests for gentle relief, and launched a high-performing, brightening serum that delivers fast and visible results with no angry, itchy redness. Their proprietary blend utilizes the adaptogen power of reishi and shiitake mushroom complex to strengthen and hydrate the dermal layers, pairing it with the dermatologist-favored ingredient of the moment, tranexamic acid, and brightening niacinamide.

For full transparency, I want to vomit when I hear that pumpkin spice flavoring is being used on anything other than food. That said, I’ll gladly overlook smelling like dessert for my skin to be its best—especially when it involves any product from Marini’s skincare repertoire. Her research team is one of the most innovative in the world, earning a handful of the most groundbreaking patents—even as one of the earliest pioneers in telomere technology for skin. This fabulous product is a magnificent skin exfoliator that works like a charm to even out and smooth the skin’s dead layers. Three different types of exfoliation are at work here: chemical (glycolic), physical (polylactic beads), and enzymatic (papaya extract and bromelain). It still manages to be gentle, leaving your skin supple and soft. When I’m off my retinol trials, I’ll use this again, twice a week, to prep my skin, especially before a soothing clay mask.

A beautiful must for fall that you will enjoy wearing all season long. The ivory and plum bordeaux combination works seamlessly to give an attractive, creamy, smokey eye—especially the ivory along the waterline, which gives an awakened, popped look. We think it’s best paired with an opaque or lightly shimmering cream or taupe for the whole eye shadow lid, as this liner gives an ultra-feminine look appropriate for all hours of the day.

We’re always looking for opportunities to talk about efficacious beauty products that protect the earth with a reduced carbon footprint. We fell in love with this cleanser a few weeks back for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the three main actives—coconut shell, magnesium, and castor oil—are unique, intelligent components that you don’t often see combined. Coconut shell is a vitamin B-rich exfoliant that is pure and gently exfoliating; magnesium lifts oils without stripping, and castor oil keeps the skin hydrated during exfoliation. Made entirely from plants and soy ink, these dissolvable cleansing packets are ideal for long travel dates and use less waste and water than standard cleansers.

Get it. Trust us. This jovial new lipstick shade from Sunnies Face, a makeup brand we’ve fallen in love with this year, is nothing short of supreme. The creamy, deep magenta color is gorgeous, especially with a beautiful velvet black dress or winter-white ensemble. It’s a bold color, but one that’s easy to wear with light browns and complementary neutrals to show off the pigment. And at $16 a tube, you can indulge a bit.

No matter how much water you consume on the plane or in the car, your hydration levels are bound to be depleted when traveling—and that shows up, of course, on your complexion. Veteran aesthetician Kat Rudu has launched one of the finest masks to quench and plump your skin before the plane, on the plane, and after the plane. The mask utilizes the healing actives of evening primrose oil, cucumber water, and nourishing flower oils to protect your skin for both travel and leisure.

Sometimes, the most intelligent self-care is the simplest. Côte has created an indulgent bath soak medley to immerse yourself after those long, never-ending days. Healing Dead Sea, pink Himalayan, and epsom salts are combined in individual packets (ideal for travel as well) to relieve your overworked mind and fatigued muscles. The blend is lightly scented with essential oils and healing components of dandelion, orange peel, and arnica and olive oils, which give olfactory comfort and calm while you’re submerged in your tub’s healing waters.

This clean, plant-based eye serum leverages the potent power of Mother Nature to deliver smooth skin around the eye area, while protecting your skin’s natural barrier to ward off environmental pollutants. Coffee seed oil minimizes the look of dark spots, banana fruit extract hydrates the skin layers, and shea butter shields the eye area against external aggressors. For puffiness, there’s a specialized blend of green coffee to target the water retention and dullness that often affects exhausted eyes.

Fall colors typically gravitate toward earthier shades, which we find to be, for a lack of a better word, blah at times. Persona, the makeup line marketed for brown-eyed clientele, piqued our interest with a spirited new berry color to enjoy during the colder months. For both lips and cheeks, the hydrating, silky, no-shimmer (thank goodness) infusion also contains antioxidant green and white teas to soothe skin.