The Best Beauty Launches of August

An up close shot of model's face bathed in blue light
Photographed by Karim Sadli; Styled by Max Pearmain

With such an enormous range of beauty and skincare products (celeb-backed or otherwise) released each month, how can you discern whether the latest moisturizer, mascara, or lipstick is actually worth purchasing? That’s where we come in. W will publish a monthly roundup of the best beauty products that launched recently—genuine game-changers you should consider purchasing. Whether you’re a skincare connoisseur, an avid makeup collector (slash borderline hoarder) or you’re simply browsing for something fresh to add to your beauty regimen, these are our favorite new products we’d recommend incorporating into your repertoire.

We only include products that have been independently selected by W’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales for purchases made through a link in this article.

If you buy one lipstick this fall, make it this shade. That said, there’s really no need to wait for fall—because this timeless color will slay, even at the tail end of summer. The color recalls timeless fashion moments of the 1970s, during the height of designer Yves Saint Laurent’s fame; one can’t help but think of Jerry Hall and Grace Jones trying to talk over Roxy Music blaring somewhere fabulous in the city while sporting this particular hue. Consider pairing your red lip with a bold mascara and a deep brown liner to make the lips the star of the look.

For those with super sensitive skin who still crave the exfoliating effects of a peel, this product is exceptional. La Mer’s Micro Peel is gentle, and minimizes the effects of sun damage that have no doubt dulled your summer skin in the last few months. The actives work by temporarily lowering your PH to begin rapid exfoliation, clearing impurities, and refining your skin’s texture. The formulation uses the brand’s Miracle Broth fermentation actives, as well as specialized oils that aid in protecting your skin’s lipid barriers.

This is one of our favorite serums to launch this month, if not all year. It goes on light and is visibly powerful in terms of lifting and firming. Guerlain’s newest super serum utilizes 96 percent naturally derived ingredients in a sleek double-chamber glass bottle. We noticed regular use made our skin feel good and look significantly well-rested. Bio-polyfermented honeys are combined with white honey concentrate, alongside resurfacing AHAs and PHAs to lift skin and keep the dermal layers vibrant. We like to apply nightly, after long summer evenings out.

Hydrating the neck area properly is a non-negotiable task, even if you get the occasional Botox injection or go further with a surgical procedure. Even when the most prominent doctors and cosmetic nurses display their eponymous skincare lines on their office shelves, there’s usually a number of RéVive products nearby. Why? Because it’s one of the most effective skincare lines to produce consistent results—and those doctors and nurses are well aware. RéVive’s latest launch is a potent neck and décolletage serum that incorporates a powerful trio of Skin Tightening Complex, Firming Peptide Complex, and a breakthrough CoQ10 system to keep your neck firm, but never too dry or taut. The skin is left smooth and soft to the touch.

Here’s why Lancôme’s newest launch is unique: it gives a 24-hour finish, but it’s surprisingly breathable for a medium-coverage foundation. The composition is also infused with hyaluronic and mandelic acids to plump up any areas prone to lines and improve your skin’s appearance over time.

A one-minute, powder-to-cream, soft peel, pre-mask step that ensures your bi-weekly face masks—along with other skincare products in your daily routine—deliver at optimal levels. Papain, a papaya derivative, is the hero ingredient here, ensuring natural but effective exfoliation paired with vitamin B3 and protective lavender and marjoram essential oils. Both ingredients are incredibly soothing, even for the most sensitive skin types out there.

If you have good taste, this new eye pencil is a must. The deeply rich magenta-aubergine shade makes brown and hazel eyes pop magnificently. This hue is best paired with a delicate, sheer gold all over the lid, and a deep brown or bold black mascara for some contrast. And of course, you can still wear it as the end of summer nears. It’s a timeless and mesmerizing look.

A luxuriously delicate face oil inspired by the staggering natural beauty of Tulum, the idyllic locale for the jet set and free-spirited nature aficionados. We loved the texture of this product, as it absorbs into the skin seamlessly, hydrating while providing a natural glow. A carefully crafted brew of rosehip, meadowfoam, and jojoba oil support the hero oil composition: organic prickly pear seed oil. The latter ingredient is full of vitamin E—not only a prized antioxidant, but an essential part of the skin’s self-healing process.

The powdery finish and rich texture of this product deserves praise. It’s a lovely skin exfoliant to apply after a long day—when your face has had too much sunscreen, grime, and makeup sitting on it. A water activated chemical and physical exfoliant powder that uses highly effective actives and skin-supporting botanicals, Karam MD’s Skincare Polish provides a smooth, radiant complexion, giving way to baby-smooth skin. The formula’s most notable fruit enzyme is Papain (from the papaya fruit) which is combined with ultra-fine white rice powder, coconut milk, bamboo, and matcha to soften skin and clear up any uneven tones. This powder can be used be 1-3 times a week—or even every day, if your skin can handle it.

If you are a fan of antioxidant serums that soothe your skin while giving a significant amount of glow, you will be drawn to Westman’s newest launch. The complexion drops should be the last step in your skincare regimen, but the very first step of your makeup routine. These heavenly drops use the soothing powers of omega-rich tsubaki oil, naturally brightening ginseng extract, and the potent antioxidant powers of pomegranate extract. Your skin will drink this up as it works to minimize pores and deliver a soft-coverage, dewy appearance. The serum is available in 16 shades to choose from, with four more launching in December.

A plant-based mist to keep in your bag and spray throughout the day. SkinCeuticals’s Phyto Corrective Essence provides immediate hydration and reduce redness if you’re on the sensitive side. It contains a nice blend of glycerin and hyaluronic acid to keep skin plum and soothed as well.

Brick. Red. Mascara. Stupendous. Yes, those of us who love jewel-toned makeup are in for a stellar treat with this hue. The mesmerizing, limited-edition shade looks forever flawless when worn with earthy tones of deep olive and ruby red. Depending on how you layer the complementary shadows, the mascara pops the lashes for a wow factor—or it can be worn simply and fashionably understated.

Just imagine how that icy blue will look contrasted against that stunning bronze. The elusive black jaguar inspired the colors in this shadow palette, which features a matte, creamy, chrome-pearl and gentle shimmer textures.

Any look created with the eye quartet above and this lipstick combination will turn out sublime. The color story is not only stellar and classic together, but it also flatters most skin tones. With your purchase, you’ll be helping support wildlife, as the collection benefits the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative which brings attention to the loss of habitat from deforestation and helps establish a protected region that is off-limits to resource extraction and governed according to traditional Indigenous principles.

A beautiful, deep color with newly upgraded ten-hour moisture and ten-hour wear. It feels like silk on the lips, and looks great on its own—or with a sheer gloss worn on top. Available in September.

Super gentle and ideal, even for those who like to double cleanse. This balm, developed for melanin-rich skin tones, uses healing elements of myrtle leaf and African superfruit baobab to combat hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone, and create a soft, delicate skin barrier balance. That said, it works beautifully on all skin tones, and feels very light and fresh from the first application.

In the last decade, the vital powers of turmeric and ginseng have crossed over into the beauty space as holistic ingredients that keep skin fresh. Curcumin, found in turmeric, decreases inflammation, helps heal wounds, and the oxidation powers encourage cellular regeneration. Still, no matter how many antioxidants you slather onto your face, what you ingest is far more efficacious. Reprise Health’s ingestibles are formulated with Chinese medicine and herbs, which have been long revered throughout Asia. The founders of Reprise worked with doctors at Harvard University to create a comprehensive online test for their clients to see which herbal remedies will serve each body best. Personally, we love the De-Stress Gummies, which help keep you calm while using antioxidants to heal and protect your skin.

This isn’t exactly the sexiest product to drop this month, but it’s an essential that we found important to highlight—especially for those who have yet to use laser hair removal under their arms. This new launch from Kopari is an aluminum- and baking soda-free deodorant that brightens your underarms while also tackling odor. Plant-based actives combine with infused AHAs and BHAs to quell the smell, exfoliate, brighten, and even the tones of your underarm skin. It’s also reasonably priced and crafted with 100 percent recyclable packaging.