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Soft Services’ Theraplush Hand Cream Revives Skin Overnight

This ultra-rich treatment will have your hands feeling like new—and you feeling like a Nancy Meyers character.

by Eleonore Condo

An image of the Soft Services Theraplush Hand Cream
Courtesy of Soft Services
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Join me in a thought exercise, won’t you? Picture a woman–she’s a character in a film. A film directed by Nancy Meyers. Are you thinking Meryl? Maybe Diane? Me too. Meryl-Diane gets into bed after a long day of working at the prettiest seaside flower shop you’ve ever dreamed of (she owns the shop, but she’s still on the floor every day arranging bouquets); she reads a few pages of Ruth Reichl’s Garlic and Sapphires, takes off her chic-but-playful reading glasses, and then, she does one last thing before she goes to bed. She applies hand cream. That is what elegant women do, fictional and non-fictional, and now, thanks to Soft Services, we can all be Elegant Women.

Theraplush, the upstart body care brand’s perpetually sold-out hand cream, delivers on every promise. It’s formulated with retinol, a powerful compound derived from vitamin A that’s loaded with anti-aging, plumping, and skin-evening benefits that you’ve probably already heard of if you’re reading an article about hand cream. Also in the mix is soothing colloidal oatmeal, which delivers moisture and aids in restoring the sensitive, overworked skin of your hands and fingers. The cream is plush without being too thick, and one pump dispenses the perfect amount of hydration. The cream has a slight stickiness, but it’s meant to be used at night as the last step before bed, ensuring you wake up with more beautiful hands.

All that good stuff is contained in a recyclable, foil-sealed pod housed in the real star of the show–the packaging. Not quite dove gray, not quite jade green but an alluring in-between shade, the glossy column elevates your bedside table. The lid is its own marvel. Lift it off and safely alight any rings you want to take off onto the slight dip at its center, moisturize, and then instead of dealing with slippery hands and twisting, simply place the magnetized lid back and feel it snap into its air-tight box. When you finish the 6-week dose of Theraplush, all you need to do is grab a pod refill (which I suggest adding to your cart now, as the cream tends to sell out as soon as it restocks).

Thoughtful and luxurious, every detail perfectly considered. I could be talking about a Nancy Meyers’ picture, and most of the time, I am. But this time, I’m also talking about Theraplush.

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