American Horror Stories Trailer: Ryan Murphy’s Episodic Spinoff is Almost Here

american horror stories trailer
Photo: YouTube/FX on Hulu.

Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story is entering its tenth season, and has chilled us to the bone the entire time. The anthology show’s format — a new story each season — has also proven to be an excellent breeding ground for new acting talent. It has featured up-and-coming screen talent like Finn Wittrock and Zach Villa, while reimagining established stars in eerie roles, like Kathy Bates and Macaulay Culkin. Now, Ryan is debuting a new AHS sister series with a more timely premise: American Horror Stories, which is episodic rather than seasonal in nature — and the trailer looks absolutely sinister.

The concept is similar to The Twilight Zone. Each episode tells a different story, and while cast members may recur, they will typically play different characters in each episode. Still, as we can see from the trailer, there may be some common spectral presences underpinning the series, like the Rubber Woman. Apparently, Rubber Man isn’t the only one of his kind, but what role will Rubber Woman play in the show?

In the trailer, Rubber Woman appears to guide us through AHS Season 1’s haunted murder house. Standing on a floor that resembles those from The Shining or Twin Peaks, she peers into different rooms, each filled with a nasty monster of the week. Finally, she encounters the original Rubber Man, and slashes him with a knife. Safe to say that Rubber Woman is in charge of American Horror Stories.

Is it possible it might be Kaia Gerber behind all that leather? She’ll appear in an episode of the show. Matt Bomer, Taissa Farmiga, Evan Peters, Sierra McCormick, and Paris Jackson are also set to join the cast.

Check out the trailer below. The show will premiere on FX on Hulu on July 15, 2021.