The Official HBO Max 'Gossip Girl' Trailer Is Here

We're already quaking in our Pradas.

Photo: Karolina Wojtasik, courtesy of HBO Max.
Photo by Karolina Wojtasik; Courtesy of HBO Max

Lady Whistledown and the Plastics’ Burn Book both menaced their respective social circles, but nothing struck fear into the hearts of well-dressed teens like blogger Gossip Girl. In the trailer for the new HBO Max sequel show Gossip Girl, based on the beloved CW show of the same name, a new generation is introduced to the anonymous busybody who knows about everyone’s skeletons — and this time, it’s taking place on Instagram. In the Upper East Side, it’s going to get very vicious on the timeline.

The trailer sets up the premise of the show: a teenage clique, ruled by the influential Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander) is fabulously lazing about the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, when they spot a new student, Zoya (Whitney Peak). They quickly befriend Zoya, and introduce her to their lives, filled with parties, fashion shows, and lots of queer sex. The Gossip Girl account, narrated once again by Kristen Bell, reports on all the goings-on of the students at Constance Billard, predictably leading to mayhem — but not before the ultra-rich teens wear seriously enviable looks. Julien’s black and white-printed dress at the fashion show? Take our money, please!

It would be easy to debate who is the next Serena van der Woodsen-type character, or who is the new Blair Waldorf. But the trailer makes it clear that the dynamics of this new show — which places an emphasis on diversity in gender expression, race, and sexuality — should be viewed in its own right. You can watch the trailer below, and get your finsta ready for the premiere on July 8, 2021.