Heidi Klum, Reigning Halloween Queen, Stars In A Short Zombie Cannibal Film

Photo: YouTube, @heidiklum.

For Heidi Klum, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. Few people enjoy Halloween as much as she does, and every October, she tries her best to outdo her elaborate costumes. In 2019, Klum spent nearly 8 hours in the styling chair, as a team of makeup artist outfitted her in full-body prosthetics, slowly transforming her into an exomuscular android from the depth of dystopian hell. And while the pandemic forced her to cancel her annual Halloween costume bash two years running, Klum filmed a low-budget horror short film instead. Spoiler alert, she’s killed by her four mummified children — Lou, Henry, Johan, and model Leni, — and now, in 2021, she’s dropping the sequel for this spooky season.

In “Heidi Does Halloween II: Klum’s Day,” she picks up right where last year’s flick left off. Two of her kids are seated in front of the TV, watching Night of The Living Dead. They nonchalantly lament that their mom isn’t around to celebrate Halloween this year, but a knock at the door interrupts their movie. Surprise, it’s Klum, resurrected from her grave, and she’s a zombie mother who is literally coming apart at the seams.

“Pieces of my body fall off,” Klum told People. “It was quite nasty to film!” And it certainly was — dinner consisting of body parts and gory remains, of course, including her dismembered thumb tossed into a salad. All of your favorite scary movie tropes are here, including projectile vomiting (“into my poor son's face!,” she said), cannibalism, and an homage to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho shower scene.

Due to the nature of all the fake gore on set, each scene was filmed only once, so Klum and her co-starring offspring had to get each shot perfect. “All those types of things take some time and you can't [film them] again because otherwise it's a whole mess,” she explained. “With real movies, I'm sure they do this over and over again, take a shower. Do their hair, makeup again, and take two. We did it in just one take.”

If you’re looking for frights, check out the video below. But beware, no amount of fake blood is scarier than another year of this damned pandemic.