Pete Davidson Has Billionaire Kim Kardashian Trading in Nobu for LA Pizza Joints

Kim Kardashian on Instagram

Forgot the private planes, luxury shopping trips, and Nobu reservations, Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem to need any of that now that she’s dating Pete Davidson. These days, the billionaire is willing to make some compromises to step into the shoes of the rest of the country for a little bit, and it’s a pretty shocking sight. There are some celebrities who have reached such echelons of fame and wealth, that it no longer makes it fun to see that they’re “just like us.” While spotting Aubrey Plaza at the grocery store is cute, it’s perhaps more fun to imagine someone like Kardashian living in a minimalist castle up in the sky where her every need is accounted for ...not going to an outlet mall.

But that’s exactly what she did on Monday, when Kardashian and Davidson were spotted at the Camarillo Premium Outlets in California where, according to a Page Six source, they stopped into the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for caramel apples and frozen bananas. Apparently these treats are a favorite of Kardashian, but the idea of her going to an outlet mall for anything, even dessert, isn’t part of the fantasy. Couldn’t she just have her private chef whip her up some of these treats? Or even have someone pick them up for her? Maybe spending so much time with Davidson has inspired Kardashian to “rough it” a little.

And the middle class cosplay didn’t even end in Camarillo. It continued into Tuesday night when the couple headed to Jon & Vinny’s in Fairfax for some pizza. In photos obtained by TMZ, Kardashian and Davidson can be seen sitting at their wooden booth, splitting some pies, and enjoying Diet Coke out of the can. According to TMZ, after finishing their meal, the two continued the night at Rite Aid, where they picked up some ice cream for dessert.

Now, that sounds like the first date in high school you’re been trying all these years to forget, but for Kardashian and Davidson, it seemed to be a romantic evening. Maybe, it’s the novelty of the everyman that Kardashian is enjoying, or maybe she’s just happy to spend some time with the comedian.

Honestly, we should have seen this out of character behavior coming considering Kardashian and Davidson’s relationship began at an amusement park and was quickly followed up by a trip to Staten Island. If Kardashian was willing to take a ferry over to see Davidson, and hit up an Italian restaurant in the borough, she is surely willing to engage in any and all of the middle class activities Davidson grew up enjoying: dollar slice pizza, trips to the town pool, who knows, maybe soon we will even see Kim riding the bus. Now that she’s been to the outlet mall, she’s really proven she will do it all.