Kim Kardashian Just Got Her Malibu Dreamhouse

Kim Kardashian arrives to ABC's "Good Morning America"
James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian’s Instagram followers are probably familiar with her unique taste in decor. The reality star has showed off her living space a handful of times over the years, and it is always met with a bit of confusion. Her bathroom sinks left many baffled, debated the physics of the design, and her recent office tour made the Internet grateful for their own, ergonomic chairs. Basically, Kim likes to keep her living spaces minimal and natural, and she will go to the extreme to reach that aesthetic, which is what makes her most recent real estate purchase all the more intriguing.

According to real estate news site, Kardashian has purchased an oceanfront estate on the Encinal Bluffs in Malibu, previously owned by Cindy Crawford, for $70.4 million. The home was originally built in 1944, before being renovated in the ‘90s and more recently in 2016. It has a distinct Mediterranean villa aesthetic, more ornate than Kardashian’s norm, though the inside is very modern, which is likely what drew Kardashian to the property. It also probably helped that the villa boasts 7,450 square feet on a 3.18 acre lot, with four bedrooms and five-and-a-half bathrooms. There are also wraparound decks, a tennis court, pool cabana, a private path to the beach, and, of course, a private gym.

Kardashian bought the property from retired hedge fund manager Adam Weiss, who purchased it from Crawford in 2018. Crawford and family, however, never lived in the main house, but do live in the neighborhood.

The deal holds the highest price tag in Malibu this year, as well as the fourth-highest in California. It also means Kardashian can now count Leo DiCaprio and Neil Diamond as neighbors. It should be noted that her ex-husband, Kanye West, has his own Malibu house, though it is about 14 miles away, so there’s little chance of an unplanned neighborly run-in. It is assumed the beauty mogul will keep her Hidden Hills mansion as her primary residence, and use the new Malibu pad as more of a vacation home.