Kim Kardashian Enters The True Crime Podcast Sphere

Kim Kardashian wearing a silver dress on a red carpet
Photo by Emma McIntyre via Getty Images

As if she weren’t already a multihyphenate, Kim Kardashian has added yet another title to her list. On Monday, Spotify unexpectedly dropped the first two episodes of the 41-year-old lawyer-in-training’s true crime podcast, a full two years after they signed a podcast deal. Titled The System: The Case of Kevin Keith, the first season of the show delves into the case of a man who has been in prison for 28 years after a triple homicide conviction in Bucyrus, Ohio. Keith has been working to prove that he was wrongly accused ever since, stressing the fact that there is no physical evidence tying him to the crimes. As for why Kardashian is so eager to take up his case, as she puts it at the beginning of episode 1, “our system is so fucked up.” Her goal, she explains, is to dive deep into both the case and the legal system at large of the course of eight 35-minute episodes.

By now, it’s more than clear that Kardashian means it when she says she’s committed to criminal justice reform. And while advocating for wrongfully convicted people like Keith is nothing new, The System marks the first time that Kardashian has tried her hand at the podcasting medium. Given that she’s conquered TV and social media, perhaps it was only a matter of time before she headed into the recording booth.

Spotify is clearly looking to up its celebrity game; just look at the fact that its other most notable recent hire is Meghan Markle. And whereas Markle is taking the more conventional route by interviewing fellow A-listers, Kardashian seems to be attempting to take her celeb status out of the picture. It’s unlikely that she’ll have any success with that, but if her track record with wrongfully incarcerated people is any indication, she will succeed with getting Keith out of jail at long last. (He is currently serving a life sentence without possibility of parole.)