Margot Robbie’s Brother Pranks Her During Surprise Interview

Ah, siblings.


Crikey, do these Australians enjoy the element of surprise or what?

During a press stop at MTV Australia to promote her new film, Peter Rabbit, alongside human Greek statue Elizabeth Debicki, Margot Robbie ended up becoming one of two extended Robbie family members in the room when her brother Cameron, a new correspondent for the network, made a surprise appearance to interview the women about their cute and cuddly roles.

“There are a lot of pranks in this film, between the rabbits and Mr. McGregor. Do you have a favorite prank?” he started innocently enough after Robbie’s delighted reaction—”Oh my god, what are you doing here, shut up!”—before launching a sibling attack. “It’s funny, in the film I noticed a lot of real-life correlations between the character Flopsy. She seems quite, you know at times, airy and dim-witted,” he posited. “Do you think that was an intentional casting choice? A little dim-witted at times.” Allow us to offer kudos to Robbie for playing along so cheekily: “It’s funny that’s what you took from it. I thought she was insecure, and felt unheard perhaps, amongst her siblings. No, didn’t come across that way for you? Interesting, that’s funny.” The younger Robbie pleaded the fifth, while Debicki, bless her lanky frame, was just happy to chill and take in the satirical sibling revelry.

Honestly, more outlets should start taking advantage of the viral gold that is “younger siblings interviewing their movie star older sisters on camera.” Since you probably noticed how much of a handsome man Cameron is, you won’t be surprised to learn he’s become a popular social media figure in Australia, thanks to his lighthearted musings about everything from cheap wine to cats. An aspiring actor himself, Cameron manages to perfectly walk that Instagram-friendly line between “highly relatable content” and “perfect looking life.” That niche, it turns out, is perfect for TV appearances as well.

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