Paris Hilton Reunites With Kim Kardashian In Cooking With Paris Trailer

Paris Hilton Pregnant Netflix Cooking Show Kim Kardashian
Photo: YouTube/Courtesy of Netflix.

Paris Hilton is experiencing something of a renaissance within our pop culture, one some fans have been waiting on for nearly 15 years. There was always more to her than initially met the eye, and in the intervening time between her aughts party-girl infamy and our nascent social reckoning with how we treated women back then, Hilton has quietly worked her ass off, amassing a multimillion-dollar business and becoming an activist for abusive residential programs for teens. In her rebirth as a beloved icon, Hilton’s latest endeavor is her new “cooking” show on Netflix (scare quotes theirs), Cooking With Paris, and she brings along some of her best pals, including Kim Kardashian, to craft masterpieces in the kitchen — or at least, they’ll try.

In the trailer for the show, which dropped today and was inspired by her viral lasagna video, Hilton and Kardashian are seen enjoying the fruits of their labor. Kardashian briefly seems impressed with the cooking, with a series of head nods and “mmhmms,” but grimaces as the full taste of the dish rears its unpleasant head. “I spoke too soon,” she said. Hilton also seems to agree. They don’t love their own cooking.

Kim’s face says “Paris, girl, so, I think we used too much salt.”

Photo: YouTube/Courtesy of Netflix.

After all, a Michelin-starred chef she is not — Hilton does not pretend to be a culinary expert, or even a foodie with an exceptionally refined taste palette. She just enjoys cooking at home, and that’s all. It’s a low-stakes cooking show for the rest of us, who can’t follow recipe directions or have obscure ingredients at our disposal. Hilton, like us, just wants to be able to bake a decent casserole.

Still, she is Paris Hilton. This means that her novelty spatulas are encrusted with rhinestones, which immediately singe on the burner. She attempts to cut a potato with a chef’s knife, using technique so incorrectly and unsafe that it fumbles in her hand; as she mumbles “shit!” in her actual low-register voice, culinary arts 101 students around the world cry out in agony. Kitchen appliances befuddle her. At one point, in a heart-print tea-style dress, she tells the audience that she’s done something wrong and “do it the opposite way” for the following along at home.

Fire hazards, but make it fashion.

Photo: YouTube/Courtesy of Netflix.

For her sous chefs, Hilton enlists stars whose flames burn as bright as her own. Demi Lovato freely admits that they also do not know what they are doing, while her mother Kathy Hilton chides her for getting feathers from her sleeves into the cooking space. Clearly, Hilton chose these guest stars for their gamesmanship in serving up a disaster — but Cooking With Paris doesn’t pretend to be anything more than it is. Hilton has always had a knack for being oddly relatable and lovable while flaunting her luxury. “Any bitch can cook,” she reminds us. Just don’t try her turkey. You can watch the trailer below.

She does not love the giblets.

Photo: YouTube/Courtesy of Netflix.