A$AP Rocky Looks Effortlessly Cool in a Leather Skirt

A$AP Rocky exiting a car in NYC wearing a cool leather skirt
BlayzenPhotos / BACKGRID

Yes, pictured above is another man wearing a skirt, but at this point, that’s not really news anymore. Many of us accepted a long time ago that clothing inherently isn’t gendered, and A$AP, for one, has been rocking the knee-baring garments for quite awhile. He went through a phase of wearing kilts regularly, and just last month he wore a blue, pleated skirt during a performance. There is something a little different about this outfit choice, however. It seems very intentional, style-wise. Less like he’s trying to make a statement about gendered dressing, and more so that he just...liked the look.

Possibly, that’s thanks to the cohesion of this ensemble. When Rocky was spotted out in New York on Tuesday, he was wearing all-black look from Givenchy, consisting of a logo t-shirt layered under a cropped sweatshirt, a knee-length leather skirt, and a pair of black clogs. The look feels very authentically Rocky, allowing us to not even think twice about the silhouette of the bottoms.

Compare that to Brad Pitt, who wore a linen skirt from New York-based designer Haans Nicholas Mott for the Berlin premiere of Bullet Train last month. When asked why he opted to wear the unexpected look, Pitt initially replied, “Breeze,” according to the Wall Street Journal, likely referring to the souring temperatures in Europe at the time. At the LA premiere on Monday, however, Pitt elaborated. “I don’t know! We’re all going to die, so let’s mess it up,” he told Variety, though it’s unclear exactly what that mean. Two weeks later, and the internet is still ablaze with heated discourse about the linen item.

But anyway, back to Rocky, who looks effortlessly cool in this edgy and unique look. It’s nice to see the new dad out and about as he and Rihanna have been keeping it pretty low key since welcoming their child in May. “Privacy has become increasingly important to the couple,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. “When it was just the two of them, they'd go out all hours of the day and night and interact with fans. Now, with the baby, they're a little more protective.” Because of that, we have to really appreciate every spotting we get from these two, as they’re likely going to be few and far between from now on. However, this looks proves that no matter what, Rocky, remains an authentic street style star, not dressing for the shock value, but simply for himself.