Brad Pitt Takes Berlin in a Berghain-Appropriate Skirt

Brad Pitt wearing a linen skirt to the Berlin red carpet for the movie Bullet Train
Photo by Tristar Media/WireImage

Shaking up strict red carpet expectations isn’t strictly a young man’s game. Brad Pitt decided to forgo pants at the Berlin screening of his upcoming film, Bullet Train, and instead opted to stroll down the carpet in a linen skirt. He paired the brown skirt with a matching jacket, and a mauve button-down shirt underneath.

His reasoning may have had as much to do with the weather in Europe right now as it does any sort of other sartorial statement. The actor has been wearing almost exclusively linen outfits this week while promoting the film, which seems practical. Berlin hit a high of 95 degrees today, as a heatwave rolls across the continent.

Still, his choice of skirt is bound to be the topic of discussion—but it’s not even a first for Pitt. He famously posed for the cover of Rolling Stone back in 1999 in a photo spread that saw him wearing cocktail dresses almost exclusively. Nor is Pitt anywhere near the first leading man to wear a skirt on a red carpet; Oscar Isaac did so earlier this year. Bad Bunny, who happens to be one of Pitt’s Bullet Train costars, has made a habit out of wearing them. Pete Davidson, Russell Westbrook, Odell Beckham Jr., and Jared Leto have worn skirts to the Met Gala at various points. Vin Diesel wore a leather kilt to MTV’s European Music Awards way back in 2003. And all those examples were relatively entry level compared to what queer men like Billy Porter, Keiynan Lonsdale, and Marc Jacobs have pulled off over the years. Yet, here is Pitt, certain people’s epitome of “A-List Leading Man” opting for a skirt on the red carpet. The move might manage to shift some perspectives.

Photo by Tristar Media/WireImage

Pitt does happen to be wearing the outfit in Berlin—much like the city itself, it’s edgy but understated. The look seems like the perfect attire to get into the city’s famed techno club, Berghain, which has a notoriously tough door policy, later in the evening if he wanted. At least he’d have a better chance of getting in than Elon Musk, who may or may not have been denied entry earlier this year.