Beyoncé Broke the Internet in Telfar and Christopher John Rogers

Beyonce in outfit.
via @Beyoncé/Instagram

Beyoncé woke up yesterday morning and decided to dress herself in Black American designer excellence—then promptly broke fashion Twitter. According to The Daily Mail, Bey and husband Jay Z helicoptered into Brooklyn from the Hamptons for a lunch date at one of their favorite Italian restaurants, Lucali. Beyoncé was spotted wearing a knotted button-up top with a pair of wide-leg floral print trousers from designer Christopher John Rogers. She completed the look with the moment’s hottest accessory: a white Telfar bag in a sensible medium size.

It was a big day for Rogers, the 2020 winner of the CFDA’s Emerging Designer of the Year award. Not only did Beyoncé step out in one of his designs, but a fictional CJR fashion show was also the centerpiece of the first episode of HBO Max’s buzzed-about reboot of Gossip Girl (the designer himself even had a cameo). He took to Twitter to clarify that the pants were not gifted or loaned to Beyoncé. She actually bought them herself at Bergdorf Goodman. “Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter in her own Christopher John Rogers Collection 007 cotton twill floral trousers, purchased from Bergdorf Goodman,” he wrote.

Other eyes, however, were drawn to Beyoncé’s Telfar bag. The item has become a hit, and typically instantly sells out when new drops are released online. Other celebs including Oprah Winfrey, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, and Arca have been spotted with the bag, which comes in three different sizes and an ever-growing palette of colors, but Beyoncé may be the biggest bold-faced name to be spotted with it yet. It’s unclear whether Beyoncé herself was actually up and at a laptop at 9 a.m. to place her order during the traditional Monday morning Telfar drop, though the singer does have something of an in: her sister Solange is a longtime friend and supporter of designer Telfar Clemens.

The internet joked that the hard-to-get bag may now become even harder to get.

Some even wondered if Telfar may up their prices now, but the brand took to Instagram to clarify that they had no such plans. (The vegan leather bag retails between $150 and $257 depending on the size. Beyoncé’s costs $202).

via Instagram

We should add that the brand does run occasional “Bag Security” promotions where anyone can pre-order the bag in any color or size they want—buyers just have to wait a little bit longer to receive it. So your hopes of getting a Telfar certainly aren’t out the window. “Not for you, for everyone,” goes the brand’s slogan. Sometimes, it really does feel like everyone has the genderless bag. Well, everyone but Jay Z, it seems.