Blake Lively's Met Gala Dress Was An Ode To New York

Blake Lively attends The 2022 Met Gala Celebrating "In America: An Anthology of Fashion" at The Metr...
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And hour into the Met Gala red carpet, and it was seeming like, once again, attendees were ignoring the theme, dressing as they pleased, and looking gorgeous, but with little to no nods toward “Gilded Glamour.” Then, Blake Lively walked in. Just in time to show everyone how it’s done, the actress and Met Gala 2022 cohost arrived to the red carpet on the arm of her husband (and fellow cohost), Ryan Reynolds, and it was immediately clear she understood the assignment.

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Tonight, the actress is the Met Gala prom queen, and she wore a look to match—a rose gold Atelier Versace gown, covered in so many beautiful details, it will take hours to truly appreciate all of it. The gown features a crystal-encrusted art-deco under-layer, inspired by the architecture of the Empire State Building. On top, sits a large bow, which acted as a bustle on her dress as Lively climbed the first few stairs. Upon reaching a certain point, Lively waived over two helpers who took down the bow, unfurling it to reveal a dramatic train. Before our eyes, Lively’s dress transformed, the under-layer of the bow turning into a light blue skirt covered in an embroidered celestial map based on the ceiling of Grand Central Station. Lively also pulled off her rose gold metallic leather gloves and revealed matching blue ones, completing the full transition. Suddenly, Lively turned into the Statue of Liberty before our eyes, the colors of her dress mimicking the copper statue and the blue-ish green hue it turns thanks to oxidation. Finishing off with a crown, tonight Lively truly is Lady Liberty, or should we say Lady Lively.

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