Chloë Sevigny Does Bridal Chic at a Bones and All Screening

Chloë Sevigny wearing a white gown at a Bones and All screening
Photo by Arturo Holmes via Getty Images

There’s been so much focus on Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell costarring in Bones and All that you may have not realized that Chloë Sevigny also plays a role. The film’s director, Luca Guadagnino, has described her role as “small but pivotal”—so small, in fact, that her lines consist of a short voiceover and “some growling.” “I was like, ‘This motherfucker, again,’” she quipped of discovering as much when recently promoting the cannibal love story. (To be fair, she told Guadagnino that she loves working with him enough that she’d do it even if she had just a single line.) And while she may not be the film’s star, she was definitely the star of the red carpet of its screening at the New York Film Festival on Thursday night. The 47-year-old actor pulled up to the Lincoln Center looking ready for her wedding in a white semi-sheer gown with a lace waist and voluminous tulle skirt. She completed the look with crimson lipstick and leaf-shaped diamond earrings from Tiffany & Co.

The look was similar to the one that Sevigny wore the second time she married Siniša Mačković, director of Karma art gallery, this past May. The actor wore just as much tulle in the form of a gown from Glenn Martens’s acclaimed spring 2022 couture collection for Jean Paul Gaultier. With Mačković absent, Guadagnino stepped in to fill the role of groom in a pale pink suit.

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The pair looked adorable, which is rather funny when you consider the grizzly nature of the film. Though, at this point they’re quite acquainted. Sevigny’s role in this film may have been small, but she had a considerably meatier role (no pun intended) in Guadagnino’s HBO mini-series We Are Who We Are. Something tells us this may not be their last project together.