Gigi Hadid Leans Into Spring in All Yellow

Yellow for spring? Hadid makes it genuinely groundbreaking.

Gigi Hadid pushes a carriage in yellow.
Photo: Gotham/GC Images

Humans are simple creatures. We like shiny things, we like things that feel nice, and colors affect our mood. Since time immemorial, the color yellow has signified the sun and the life-giving light and warmth it bestows on us. And while it’s beyond a cliché to reference the nightmare of the past year, we really all could use a dose of sunshine in our lives. Enter: Gigi Hadid’s buttercup yellow outfit that can be seen from, well, the surface of the sun.

Hadid was spotted in Washington Square Park in New York City, pushing baby Khai around in her stroller. She’s wearing matching cozy separates by Amiss Conception, reported Vogue, and accented it with pink accessories — it is Easter weekend, after all. Her bubblegum pink bucket hat is by Prada, her fuchsia sneakers are mom-approved, and her hot pink face mask is courtesy of the pandemic.

It’s clear that Hadid has been enjoying maternity leave. Her street style was always enviable; now, it’s as functional as it is chic. While many new parents have no time for self-care or sleep, let alone uncomfortable clothes, Hadid reminds us that those things needn’t be mutually exclusive. Momma standbys of sweats and sneakers can be every bit as dazzling as any freakum dress — just dive headfirst into the cheeriest colors of the rainbow.

Photo: Gotham/GC Images.

Photo: Gotham/GC Images.