Kim Kardashian Latest Balenciaga is Particularly Constricting

Kim Kardashian in Balenciaga
Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

After the designer-now-known-as-Demna showed his latest Balenciaga collection at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, we knew it wouldn’t be long until Kim Kardashian snatched up some looks for herself. Over the past few months, Kardashian’s relationship with Demna has grown, and she has gone from wearing last season’s pieces, to literally showing up to the fall 2022 ready-to-wear show in an identical look to one that walked the runway. And now, Kardashian got her hands on yet another ensemble, fresh from that same show.

On Tuesday, the beauty mogul was seen in downtown New York City wearing a very restricting all-black look. Photos from the outing seem fairly normal—Kardashian is frozen in time as she takes a step in her tight black, long-sleeve dress—but when you inspect the pictures a little more, concerns slowly begin to arise. The fold over detail at the top of the off-the-shoulder dress seems to constrict Kardashian, keeping her arms glued to the side of her body. And the tight skirt, which hits at her Balenciaga-booted ankles means she can only take small steps without risk of falling.

Gotham/GC Images/Getty Images

Luckily, a video of Kardashian actually walking in the dress was shared on TikTok by her hair dresser, Chris Appleton, meaning we get to see her in action. In Kardashian’s defense, she seems to walk pretty seamlessly, stretching the skirt with every step, though her arms do remain stuck to her side in a straight jacket-like manner. At one point, Kardashian attempts to wave to someone next to her, but she can only manage a slight hand rise before she gives up and returns her arm to her side.

When this look walked the runway earlier this month, the model wearing it had an even more difficult task than Kardashian, who simply had to get out of a car and walk about 15 feet to the World Trade Center door. On the contrary, the Balenciaga model had to wear the restricting dress as she walked through faux snow, against wind blowing at her, making Kardashian’s feat look like a walk in the park (maybe because it basically is). As we know, though, Kardashian will do anything for fashion (like cover herself in caution tape or hide her face during the Met Gala), and if she had to make a journey through snow and wind in this dress, she probably could.

Courtesy of Balenciaga