Kim Kardashian Can Barely Walk in Her Latest Balenciaga Fit

Kim Kardashian wearing her latest Balenciaga fit
Gotham/GC Images

Over the years, Kim Kardashian has become the face of suffering for fashion. She’ll go hours without using the restroom because she’s wrapped up in designer caution tape or she’ll lose an unnecessary amount of weight to wear a historically significant dress that can’t be altered. Basically, she’ll risk it all when it comes to the right look. Because of that, not being able to walk in an outfit it pretty much par for the course for the reality star; it’s child’s play. So, when Kardashian had to hobble along the streets of New York City on Tuesday, she seemed unbothered, as it was all in the name of a good ‘fit.

The beauty mogul is currently in town to promote season two of The Kardashians on Hulu. In between TV appearances, Kardashian was seen in Midtown Manhattan, getting lunch with family friend Fai Khadra. For the outing, Kardashian stuck to her tried-and-true Balenciaga, pairing the brand’s turtleneck glove top with a black high-waisted maxi skirt fron Rick Owens, effectively covering her from her chin to her toes. The skirt was so formfitting, with just a slight slit in the back, Kardashian had to take very small steps in order to keep from falling down, forcing the very tall Khadra to slow down his pace for her as they walked together.

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Kardashian paired the tight-fitting ensemble with some sunglasses from the brand, silver hoop earrings, and an odd, hardshell Balenciaga bag. It’s hard to pinpoint the purpose of this bag, but it kind of looks like either a motorcycle helmet case or one of those carriers people put their cat in so their feline can see the world. Kardashian’s though, doesn’t seem to have a furry friend in there.

The all-black look came after Kardashian wore a seemingly more comfortable outfit earlier in the day for an appearance on Good Morning America. She paired the same turtleneck top with her favorite pantaleggings, this time in a leopard print. For accesories, Kardashian opted for all Balenciaga items once again—black sunglasses, a fluffy version of the brand’s Hourglass bag, and earrings that resemble credit cards, the most fitting Kardashian accessory we could ever imagine.

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images/Getty Images

While visiting Good Morning America, Kardashian spoke about the upcoming season of her family’s show. She expressed her excitement for the first episode, which airs on September 22nd. There have been no promos for the episode and Kardashian revealed there won’t be any. “It's, like, a really, seriously deep, vulnerable episode that we really haven't talked about,” she said. “I think people will be really surprised.” As for what’s in store, Kardashian didn’t reveal much, but anyone who has been paying attention to the famous family over the past few months has an idea of what to expect. Likely, Khloé’s new baby with Tristan, as well as Kim’s breakup from Pete Davidson will play out for us all to see.