Sydney Sweeney’s Dog Walking Look Might Be Chicer Than Your Average Date Night Outfit

Sydney Sweeney
Jason Merritt/Radarpics/Shutterstock

If you throw on some sweatpants and the closest slip-on shoes you can find when running out to take your dog for a walk for the fourth time in a day, you are not alone. But here’s a warning: if the previous sentence describes you, you may find these pictures of Sydney Sweeney slightly upsetting. While it is a pretty much unwritten rule that one shall not judge others’ dog walking outfits, Sweeney just blew your Crocs and oversized crewneck out of the water. On Sunday, the Euphoria star took her dog, Tank, out for a walk in Los Angeles. Despite the simplicity of the task, though, Sweeney used the errand as an opportunity to show off her personal style, simultaneously proving that sometimes, comfort can be cute.

The actress stepped out in a tonal look—a light brown Ralph Lauren wool cropped top and shorts set, with a cashmere Brunello Cucinelli coat in a lighter beige on top. Sweeney then added some color to the outfit with her shoes—a pair of Sorel sneakers in the hue fittingly called eraser pink.

Sydney Sweeney

One stroll around the block, and Sweeney has proven we should all step up our casual, athlesuire looks. Of course, the actress has the benefit of living in Los Angeles, meaning she doesn’t have to bulk up with four layers just to step outside right now (though Sweeney has proven she’s impervious to the cold). But for non-West Coasters, let this outfit act as light at the end of the tunnel, something to look forward to copying when the weather isn’t quite so brutal.