The Best Gifts Under $100, According to W Editors

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Often, the gifts that end up being appreciated the most are the simplest, least expensive ones. Sure, it can be fun to hunt down something really special for one particular person, but why agonize over extravagances if your list of recipients is in the double digits? A gorgeous book, a luxe hand soap, a cozy pair of socks, or a delicious box of chocolates are sure to make just about anyone happy—and, especially when they’re on the more affordable end, minimize your holiday shopping stress. Here, W editors share their picks for the best gifts under $100.

Nécessaire The Body Ritual , $100,

“I'll be gifting this set from Nécessaire... to myself. I love the eucalyptus-scented deodorant, and have been wanting to try their whole range, mainly because the products are dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, so they win in my book. The perfect new body ritual to bring with me into the new year.” - Che Baez, Associate Visuals Editor

Diptyque x John Galliano Candle, $80,

“This will keep any home cozy during the holidays with its aromatic blend of wood and vanilla. While it may be a splurge, whoever gets it definitely won't be disappointed.” - Tori López, Assistant Fashion Market Editor

W Magazine: 50 Years / 50 Stories, $75,

“Everyone on my gift list is getting this book, from the naughty to the nice and everything in between.” - Cian Browne, Creative Director

L'Objet Côté Maquis Hand + Body Soap, $55,

“I think a really elegant bottle of scented hand soap is the most foolproof gift—it's something people rarely buy for themselves, it elevates the totally mundane experience of washing your hands, and it can be enjoyed for months. This one from the chic homeware brand L’Objet has a fresh, earthy scent that anyone would love.” - Andrea Whittle, Features Director

Stettler x Luisa Abram Chocolate, $55,

“We all know someone who’s always looking for a gripping new podcast to listen to. Why not pair a great recommendation with a box of chocolate? To go along with the investigative podcast Obsessions: Wild Chocolate, which charts a journey through the rainforest in search of ancient cacao sources, Swiss chocolatier Stettler has put together a box of sustainably harvested, decadent, single origin bars inspired by the story. A pretty excellent combo, if you ask me.” - A.W.

Houseplant Black Pebble Match Strike Ashtray Set, $94,

“Chic and multipurpose, this cast iron match striker, holder and ashtray looks great on a minimalist coffee table.” - Julia McClatchy, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief

The Cleansing Balm, $74,

“My sisters can expect to unwrap this cleansing balm this year—I am obsessed!” - J.M.

The Cashmere Beanie, $53,

“Give the gift of warmth this season with this cozy cashmere beanie from Everlane - It is one of my favorite winter staples!” - J.M.

Guest in Residence Cashmere Socks, $95,

“Come winter, I want to live in head-to-toe cashmere, and nothing makes a better gift than cashmere socks. I love the ones from Guest in Residence because they’re just thick enough and come in really fun colors. Throw in a matching hat and scarf if you’re feeling generous!” - Faith Brown, Social Media Editor

Vivanterre Orange Contact SGU, $34,

“When in doubt, bring wine. It’s foolproof, delicious, and can be enjoyed by everyone. This natural orange wine from Vivanterre is one of the best I’ve ever had—and not that I’m judging a book by its cover, but if I was, the incredibly chic label also makes it a pleasant addition to any bar cart.” - F.B.

Yellow Alchemy Decanter, $60,

“Plus, the perfect decanter to go with the perfect bottle of wine.” - F.B.

Guerlain Advanced Youth Watery Oil, $95,

“I use this product every winter and it saves my skin. The light oil-in-water formula locks moisture in without feeling oily or sticky—any skincare afficionado will adore this.” - Oona Wally, Senior Visuals Editor

Animal Wash, $40,

“A classic for the pet lover in your life. These days, it seems my gifts for friends are actually gifts for their babies (fur or otherwise), so, sorry, parents!” - O.W.

CoasterRug Assorted Designs Set, $25,

“I love these! They look so cute under candles.” - Jenna Wojciechowski, Fashion Market Editor

Sézane Coeur Charm, $75,

“I like the simplicity of this chunky heart charm, and how it can be zhuzhed up with a cool chain, or kept on a classic gold one. Also, it can be personalized with engraving, which is always a plus. A sweet, sentimental gift that will be a star in the recipient’s jewelry box for years to come.” - Carolyn Twersky, Staff Writer

Lina Ballet Flat, $89,

“I definitely don’t need any more ballet flats, but these are just something else. I love the square toe and the crossed elastic that make them look like actual point shoes, and the slight heel elevates them slightly to make them appropriate for everyday use. I’ll definitely be gifting these (and buying a pair for myself) this year.” - C.T.

Fotofolio Postcard Monthly Subscription, $10/Month,

“Nothing is better than receiving a handwritten note. Fotofolio is a postcard subscription of a monthly assortment of 10 carefully curated images by photographers and artists—some acclaimed, some anonymous. A nice reminder to stay in touch with friends and loved ones in a personal way.” - Allia Alliata di Montereale, Senior Style Editor

Cardenxe Sotol De Desierto, $60.99,

“Know someone who’s looking for a new way to enjoy a negroni sbagliato? Give them a bottle of Cardenxe Sotol, a new delicious craft liquor from northern Mexico. It will will become their new go-to liquor of choice.” - A.A.d.M.

Jimi Heather Grey Cashmere Balaclava, $95,

“A balaclava has become a winter mainstay for me. And it’s a cute, practical accessory that makes for the perfect gift.” – Ysenia Valdez, Senior Social Media Editor

Mini Incense Gift Box, $48,

“Papa Rozier is a Hatian brand based in Brooklyn that grows most of its products and ingredients in Haiti. I love everything they make, and I’m a big believer in the power of incense. Their mini incense gift box is a great holiday present that will provide good vibes for the year to come.” - Ivana Cruz, Senior Designer

​Flamingo Estate Euphoria Candle, $50,

“Normalize giving nice candles to anyone and everyone, for any occasion. They’re always useful! The Euphoria blend from Flamingo Estate is sweet and spicy without being overwhelming—perfect for small spaces.”- Katie Connor, Executive Digital Director

Adidas Gazelle Sneakers, $100,

“In 2023, I want my footwear uniform to consist of ’90s Adidas Gazelle sneakers in every color. They are a throwback that somehow feels totally of the moment." - Armand Limnander, Executive Editor

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